Why Does the Wind Blow?

Why Does the Wind Blow?

Have you noticed the movement of leaves, kites flying high or felt the soothing air on a hot summer day?

Yes! your answer is absolutely correct, this because of the wind blowing and you can even feel around you right now.

What is wind?

Dear student, you might now be thinking about what is wind and how can we define it. The wind is nothing but a group of air molecules (small particles) moving. These air molecules contain gases like Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Carbon dioxide, Oxygen and some vapors.

Wind can be soothing like a breeze as well as destructive sometimes like storms.

How is wind generated?

Wind doesn’t come from the sky, also not from the mountains, it is a result the earth’s surface being heated more in some places and less in the others.

This is all a game of pressure. The pressure is defined as some amount of force in a surface area.

Differences in heating result in differences in atmospheric pressure, some places have higher atmospheric pressure than others.

The wind blows from areas with higher atmospheric pressure towards areas with lower atmospheric pressure in a continuous process to balance the differences in pressure.

Coriolis force is responsible for the change in the wind’s direction as Earth is constantly rotating.

The Earth rotates so the direction of the wind shifts to the right (in the northern hemisphere) except at the equator where the Coriolis force is zero.

Therefore, the type of wind you are going to experience totally depends on the climate and the temperature.

So, how is the wind blowing around you? Is it cold or hot? Is it mild or speedy? Also, try to find out what are different winds called according to their speed and temperature! It will be fun.

Now feel the wind blowing around you, also explain to your friends where does it come from!

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