How was the ocean formed? Where did all the water come from?

How was the ocean formed? Where did all the water come from

There is vast of ocean than land on Earth. Naturally, there is also a plenty of water bolted up as ice at the North and South Poles. But from where all that water came from is a very big question mark. Scientists have been pondering about it for a long hour. We are still not entirely sure but it is as likely as not a amalgamation of two areas. In the starting, there was a mammoth cloud of dust and rocks in the space. Gravity led the cloud to dwindle and moderately the Sun and the planets established.

The genuine dust and rocks consist minerals that had water particles in them. The Earth which moulded, became very flaming. It liquefied and there were ample of volcanoes. The water in the rocks build vapour and came out of the volcanoes as huge clouds that chilled and rained.

That is the answer to the mystery that where some of the water came from

Also, the aboriginal cloud of dust and rocks consist of a lot of rocks that were built of ice which were like giant snowballs. There are still plenty of them twisting around the Sun. They are well-known as comets. There were billions of them when the planets were building up and many rammed to the ground and liquified.

That is another part of puzzle about where the rest of the water came from

Hence, the apt sculpture for the source of the oceans at the time is a amalgamation of water established from comets and water that was busted up in the rocky body of the earth as it built. This blend convinces the xenon problem. It also seems to get a solution the deuterium trouble but only if the rocky substances out near the earth’s current orbit harvested up some local water from the solar nebula before they accumulated to form the earth.

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