IEO Previous Year Question Paper for Class 7 (English Olympiad 2016, SET A)

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IEO Previous Year Question Paper for Class 7 (2016, Set A)




I am so_____ with all the running today. I have absolutely no energy left.

A. exhausted

B. happy

C. disgusted

D. sad


1. The old woman walked with great ___ ____on the slippery road.

A. relief

B. warning

C. suspicion

D. caution


2. I haven’t seen her ___Easter.

A. from

B. since

C. for

D. on


3. The police spoke separately to ___ suspect.

A. any

B. some

C. each

D. more


4. They have built a large office away from the city centre. It is in the technology park on the _____ of the city.

A. edges

B. outskirts

C. limits

D. heart


5. She wants to visit her mother. She is taking a ____tomorrow.

A. holiday

B. day off

C. French leave

D. vacation


6.____, the two countries are talking peace. But everyone knows that they are just putting up a show.

A. To tell one to face

B. On the face of it C.

To lose face

D. In the face of


7. She recently inherited a lot of wealth. She’s a/an____

A. possessor

B. heiress

C. trustee

D. empress


8. They play football in the evening, if____

A. they didn’t have any homework

B. they won’t have any homework

C. they don’t have any homework

D. they doesn’t have any homework


9. She fell ill as the juice she____stale.

A. has is

B. have is

C. had was

D. hasn’t is


10. Yesterday, the marathon participants ____a certificate each.

A. are given

B. will be given

C. had given

D. were given


11. This is the rule : All personal belongings______in the foyer.

A. have been left

B. can be left

C. must be left

D. will leave


12. I hope you can____the days you were absent.

A. spell out

B. account for

C. throw light

D. held responsible


13. They wanted to know where I _____

A. have been

B. had been

C. am being

D. was being


14. We’ll have to make____ with just this much money for this month.

A. up

B. do

C. through

D. off


15. Quick! Someone call_____policeman.

A. a

B. an

C. the

D. no article


16. It may have ___your notice, but it’s Children’s Day tomorrow.

A. fled

B. dropped

C. bounced

D. escaped


17. He could not _____ to watch his beloved dog being taken away.

A. fall

B. care

C. bear

D. feel


18. I know ___well what I’m going to do when I reach the lab next week.

A. totally

B. absolute

C. very

D. less


19. He’s ____the opinion that children will change their ways if we become good role models.

A. of

B. in

C. with

D. by


20. Right from the_____ she warned the team that the soil was loose and this could be a threat to the building.

A. offset

B. setting up

C. upset

D. outset


21. Most animals in the zoos ___in captivity.

A. have breed

B. are being breeding

C. are bred

D. breeds




The Santhals are a Munda tribe, a branch of that aboriginal group, which probably entered India from the North East. Presently they inhabit the Eastern outskirts of the Chota Nagpur plateau.

Originally hunters and dwellers in the jungle, they are now agriculturists. Like the Mundas and Hos and other representatives of the race, they are jovial in character, fond of their music, and ready to take a joke. Their social organisation is very complete: each village has its headman or manjhi, with his assistant the paranik. The jogmanghi is incharge of ensuring that the young ones in tribe have the right moral development. The naeke is the village priest, and the godet is the village constable. Over a group of villages is the pargana or tribal chief.

Their religion is animistic; spirits (bongas) are everywhere around them: the spirits of their ancestors, the spirit of the house, the spirit dwelling in the patch of primeval forest preserved in each village. Every hill, tree and rock has its spirit. These spirits are worshipped by elaborate ceremonies, which generally conclude in dances, and great food. The Santhal Parganas is a district 4800 sq. miles in area, lying about 150 miles north of Kolkata, and was formed into a separate administration after the Santhals had risen in rebellion in 1856. The Santhals, at present, form about one-third of the population.

22. Which of the following statements is true?

A. The Santhals were always farmers.

B. The Santhals arrived in India from North East.

C. The tribe has a bad sense of humour.

D. The Santhals worship their manjhi.


23. Which of the following statements is false?

A. The Santhals usually have big feasts after praying to the spirits.

B. The Santhals believe that trees have spirits in them.

C. The Santhals are more than 480 miles away from Kolkata.

D. The Santhals worship their dead forefathers.


24. How do the Santhals make a living in present times?

A. They hunt animals.

B. They gather food from the jungles.

C. They do farming.

D. They worship the spirits of the forest.


25. For which of the following roles the Santhals appoint special people?

A. Making music

B. Managing finances

C. Training for dances

D. Inculcating values in the children


26. The Santhals believe that all natural structures have______ in them.

A. beasts

B. spirits

C. happiness

D. food


27. The Santhals are likely to never harm nature grievously because_______

A. they live in Chota Nagpur plateau

B. they want to be like Mundas and Hos

C. their Pargana is spread over a large area

D. they like to celebrate nature


28. Who performs the role of a policeman?

A. Jogmanghi

B. Godet

C. Naeke

D. Pargana



During the summer months, many families find some time to spend with each other. They love to go on trips, meet friends and family or simply make happy times. Therefore, it’s quite natural to hear a lot of happy laughter in summers. However, a happy day can sometimes turn into a bad memory if one meets stinging insects. Stinging insects are common in summer. They can sometimes have such powerful stings that it can be a painful nuisance. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) says, stinging insects like wasps, yellow jackets, hornets and bees have sent more than half a million people to the emergency room in the past years. While those who are allergic to stings are at greater risk, almost anyone can be affected if a large number of insects swarm and sting en masse.

The association recommends that this summer homeowners must take a few precautions to prevent stings and stay outdoors more safely. It is important to ensure that the area around the house is free from hives and nests. One must check the exterior of one’s home, paying special attention to overhangs, eaves, the underside of porches and decks, shrubs, trees, sheds and other structures. If you find a nest on your property, do not get too close and do not attempt to remove it. Instead, hire a trained pest control professional to relocate or remove hives and nests in a safe manner.

To help you prevent stings this season, the NPMA offers the following advice:

  • Eliminate standing water and other sources of moisture around the home.
  • Keep trash cans covered and sealed.
  • When dining outside, keep food covered until ready to eat. Also provide clear plastic cups for your guests, as aluminium cans and plastic bottles are good hiding spots for stinging insects.
  • If approached by a stinging insect, remain calm and quiet. Avoid swaying or swinging as this may provoke an attack.
  • Avoid wearing dark, floral prints, loose fitting garments, open-toe shoes and sweet smelling perfumes or

Some stinging insects pose more serious threats than others. A trained pest control professional will be able to properly identify a pest species and determine the risk to your family.

29. According to the author, stinging insects are common in__________

A. spring

B. autumn

C. winter

D. summer


30. People who are at higher risk of a serious health condition due to insect bites are_____

A. those who are stung by a large number of insects at a time

B. people who try to remove nests from their property

C. pest control professionals

D. those who are allergic to insect bites


31. Yellow jackets are _____

A. stinging insects

B. uniform of pest control professionals

C. happy families on a summer outing

D. precautionary dresses


32. Which of the following statements is true?

A. Remove a nest or a hive as soon as you spot it on your property.

B. The pest control professionals can remove a hive/nest without harming anyone.

C. If a pest approaches you, it is wise to run as fast as you can.

D. Stinging insects are rare to spot in summers.


33. Which of the following statements is false?

A. Insects could go unnoticed in an aluminium can.

B. It is best to use plastic bottles.

C. Stinging insects are attracted to fragrant scents.

D. Stored water around the house can draw pests.


34. Overhangs and eaves are usually seen outside_____

A. nests

B. forests

C. hives

D. houses


35. In the passage, ‘en masse’ refers to _____

A. one after the other

B. quickly

C. all together

D. slowly





Steve : I live in a big city.

Jill :____

A. I live near the park

B. So do D

C. I also L

D. My house is big


36. Guest : Call me a taxi, please.

Receptionist : _____

A. Hi, Taxi. I’m Anil

B. No, I’m afraid not

C. Sure, in a moment

D. Please do


37. Gina : Oh! I missed my bus. I’m so angry.

Roy : Sorry to hear that! Now don’t_____

A. wash your dirty linen in public

B. throw bricks when you live in a glass house

C. cry over spilt milk

D. bark up the wrong tree


38. Jayati : Oops! Did I say, Meghalaya is in

Assam? That was_____

A. on the tip of my tongue

B. a tongue lashing

C. a slip of the tongue

D. so forked tongue


39. After recovering from that long disease, the princess_____

A. was a pain in the neck

B. was on her last legs

C. had egg on her face

D. had a new lease of life


40. Lila : Did you hear what happened to Rita?

Farah : Yes, I heard she is a celebrity now.

Lila : Oh my God! I don’t believe this.______ and here she is! Hi, Rita!

A. Considering the devil

B. Speak of the devil

C. The naughty little devil

D. Look what the cruel devil has done


41. Heena : I’m leaving for the US tomorrow for further studies.

Her Teacher : Oh good! ____. Wish you all the best.

A. Keep me post

B. Don’t bother

C. Good riddance

D. Stay in touch


42. Ajiz : Riaz, I’ve got an offer from PCL, London.

Riaz :____

A. How did you manage to do that?

B. What’s that to me?

C. Oh! That’s great! But I’m going to miss you.

D. Are you sure?


43. Sid : Hi, Elsa. Thank you very much for helping me with the assignment.

Elsa :____

A. I’m glad you thanked me.

B. No problem.

C. Is there a problem?

D. Cool stuff!


44. Sandy :___________

Salesperson : Let me look for it. … Here it is. Would you like to try it?

A. No one wears white jackets.

B. I think I’d rather have a blue one.

C. How much is it?

D. Can I try it?


45. Fanny : The board here says the next bus is at 3:30 pm. But I have waited here for over an hour! Do you think the bus will come?

Hilda : Well, ____

A. your guess is as good as mine

B. let’s jump on the bandwagon

C. I’ll give you a penny for your thoughts

D. don’t give up the day job




46. The police have decided to______ all illegal construction work around the lake.

A. clamp down on

B. come forward

C. do without

D. got back at


47. According to the psychologists’ study, psychopaths are______ : that is, they are intentionally violent and mean.

A. infrequent

B. vicious

C. crazy

D. phony


48. Engineers have now made ships that can sail_____the sea and fly ___the air.

A. on, on

B. on, in

C. in, on

D. at, off




A. Upright

B. Smoky

C. Miserable

D. Luminous



Son: What if I don’t make any good friends in the new school I’m joining next summer?

Father : You can ____. Work for your exams now.

A. vent your spleen later

B. cross that bridge when you come to it

C. put your foot in your mouth for now

D. change horses in midstream

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