Multiplication Colorful Flashcard Sheets

Multiplication is one of the four elementary operations in mathematics. The first step towards perfecting it is mugging up the tables. Usually, for a primary level the Table of 2 through Table of 10 or  the Table of 2 through Table of 12 is prescribed to children. While mugging up is not always the best option for learning anything, in the case of multiplication knowing the tables by heart helps set a good base.

Multiplication Colorful Flashcards

It is the point to move upward from, which can only happen via thorough practice. You can practice exercises given in the school’s maths books, but when you extinguish that resource and you feel your child has understood the concept enough to move on to non traditional learning, flashcards are the way to go. It is a rapid way of improving memorization of the Tables and a brilliant way to check on your child’s progress.

Table of 2 Flashcards

multiplication colorful flashcard sheets

multiplication colorful flashcard sheets

multiplication colorful flashcard sheets

multiplication colorful flashcard sheets

multiplication colorful flashcardsmultiplication colorful flashcardsmultiplication colorful flashcards

Some easy steps to help your child memorize multiplication tables are :

  1. A number multiplied by 0, is 0. A number multiplied by 1, is the number itself.
  2. For the table of 2, the trick is simple. All the answers are just a series of even numbers one after the other.
  3. For all digits, every following answer is equal to the previous answer plus the digit’s table you are memorizing. This addition technique is easy to apply in the case of 2 because 2 is a small enough number to keep adding. And while this trick helps you learn all the answers in a series, it isn’t the most viable for exam situations. The most commonly asked questions are not to write the Table as it is, but to apply it in solving problems.

The set of flashcards given here are in Table of 2.  It is one of the easiest ones to memorize as it’s a fairly small number. All you have to do is take a printout of the sheet, then cut up each card individually. You can hold them up to your kid one after another, from 1 to 10 or you can jumble them up. Jumbling up the order will give you a better sense of how much your child actually remembers. And as for the application of multiplication, in real life as well as in exam papers it is used in no particular order. So it’s in the kid’s best interest to jumble up the cards when you ask them for an answer.

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