Do you know about Paper Craft? (Basic tutorial for Origami)

What is your hobby? This kind of question generally asked from children when they are in the school because apart from studies, they pursue different- different kind of hobbies which they do in their spare time. Since every child is different so is their hobbies. Their small minds create wonders. One such hobby which most of the kids enjoy doing is art and craft. Crafts involve various types of activities. Among that papercraft is one which is not only popular but also very easy for kids.


What is papercraft?

Paper is something which is found in abundance and everywhere. Earlier people never thought of doing something good with the use of paper. So they generally used it and threw it. But now things have been changed, now people realized that paper is more useful and can be used for making many things. This is how paper became important and have been used for craft work also. Now paper craft became a usual activity in every school. Children love doing it.

But in actuality, have you ever thought what is papercraft? It is true, that anyone can do this type of craft work but knowing its meaning and understanding it clearly is also very important. Before engaging in any kind of activity, it is important to know it thoroughly. So that a particular activity like papercraft can come out to be a brilliant work. Let’s have a clear understanding of the papercraft.

Meaning:- Papercraft is an art form in which wide range of techniques is used on paper or paper materials to create beautiful objects.

Looking into the above meaning, another question comes to our mind, what are these wide range of techniques which are used in papercraft? Well, there are a number of techniques such as:-

  • Folding the paper
  • Cutting the paper
  • Molding the paper
  • Glued
  • Stitching the paper
  • Layered
  • Quilling

Above techniques are used on different kinds of paper, which are available in the market like colorful glace papers, rough paper, tissue papers, velvet papers, trace papers, chart papers and etc. Apart from this newspapers can also be used for paper craft.

Features of papercraft:-

  • It is not that expensive.
  • It’s a fun activity.
  • It can be done easily.
  • It can be used in the education field to make learning easy for children.
  • It is important for the mental development of children as they use their thinking power to express their creativity.
  • Children while doing a paper craft, they will get to know the importance of recycling paper.
  • Through paper craft lot of beautiful and useful decorative items can be created for our house.

Children can make a variety of things through paper craft like paper bags, different kinds of flowers, masks, trees, boxes and etc.

Basic tutorial for Origami:-

Introduction to origami:-

Among the various techniques or types of papercraft which were mentioned earlier, the most used and easiest one is folding. Through folding paper, various beautiful things can be created. That’s why it is popular in every country of the world. The only change is that it is known by different names in different countries. Like in Japan, it is called as origami.

The word origami is derived from the Japanese word, ‘oru’ which means ‘ to fold ‘ and kami means ‘paper’. This word was first coined in 1880. Before that it was called as’orikata’ i.e. folded shapes.  This is exactly the same which we do in India like folding paper to create something. Origami is an art form which has been passed down from parents to children from generation to generation in Japan. Earlier, there, origami was only taught in schools but now it is available to all and taught in every home. Even holidays are celebrated and decorated home with colored and beautiful origami. The most popular origami design is a crane, which is considered as a symbol of good fortune and a long life.

Basics for origami:-

  • For folding in origami, mostly square paper is needed from a single sheet.
  • For modular style, even multiple sheets are used.
  • In origami, a paper is colored on one side only.
  • In origami, when a paper is folded and compressed it springs back.
  • Earlier paper cutting was not allowed but now days cutting is done in many designs.
  • Origami can be used to make signs, symbols and arrows and many other things like masks of different animals, origami envelope, origami heart, origami boat, fan, stars, dolls, boxes, flowers and etc.

This is an interesting and fun loving paper craft activity which attracts the attention of all kids. So what are you waiting for? Go and try out this wonderful origami on your own.

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