Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs are basically short-form language made by combining verbs with a preposition or adverb, yet they don’t mean what they are made of, they should be understood as a whole. This article has some easy and commonly used phrasal verbs to learn for your kids. This will make their communication skills more diverse and will sound smart! Get on with your learning spirits while reading this article! You can even print them out to use as flashcards for fun learning!

English Phrasal Verbs Flashcards

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English Phrasal Verbs - 1

  • Leave out – not include
  • Look for – find
  • Put off – delay
  • Take away – remove
  • Take off – move quickly
  • Turn into – become
  • Turn up – arrive

English Phrasal Verbs - 2

  • Hang on – wait
  • Watch out – be careful
  • Take away – remove
  • Shut up – stop talking
  • Wake up – stop being asleep
  • Get up – leave your bed
  • Stay up – go to bed late

English Phrasal Verbs - 3

  • Build up – increase
  • Call off – cancel
  • Carry on – continue
  • Cheer up – become happier; make happier
  • Clear up – clean up; solve it
  • Come on – be quicker

English Phrasal Verbs - 4

  • Drink up – to drink all
    • I drank up all my coffee
    • Drink up, then I’ll refill your glass
  • Wipe out – to destroy; to eradicate
    • They had to wipe out all traces.
    • Nothing could wipe out his memories of the past.

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