Why do some animals live in groups?

Living in groups can help animals find and access food more efficiently through cooperative hunting or foraging.



1. How does living in groups benefit animals in terms of predator detection?

A) It makes it harder for them to see predators
B) Only the leader watches for predators
C) It doesn’t affect their ability to detect predators
D) It improves their chances of detecting predators

2. What is the potential downside of living in groups for animals?

A) Easier access to food
B) Increased competition for resources
C) Better protection against predators
D) Enhanced mating opportunities

3. Why might animals in groups have a better chance of finding a mate?

A) There is less competition within a group
B) Being in a group makes them more attractive
C) They can only mate within their group
D) It provides more opportunities to meet potential mates

4. How does the group size affect an animal’s defense strategy against predators?

A) Smaller groups are more aggressive
B) There is no effect of group size on defense strategies
C) Larger groups tend to have more passive defense strategies
D) Larger groups can form more effective defense strategies


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