Why do some animals have scales?

Why do some animals have scales

Scales primarily serve as a form of protection against predators, environmental hazards, and physical injuries.



1. What type of animals are most commonly associated with having scales?

A) Mammals
B) Reptiles
C) Birds
D) Amphibians

2. Besides protection, what other function can scales serve?

A) Insulation
B) Camouflage
C) Attraction of mates
D) All of the above

3. How do scales help in camouflage?

A) By reflecting light
B) By changing color
C) By creating patterns
D) By glowing in the dark

4. Can scales be found on all reptiles?

A) Yes, all reptiles have scales
B) No, only snakes have scales
C) No, only lizards and snakes have scales
D) Not all reptiles have scales

5. What one-way scales can help with swimming?

A) By absorbing water
B) By reducing friction
C) By increasing weight
D) By trapping air


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