Put Words in Alphabetical Order Worksheets

Alphabet is the first thing an individual learns as they take literal baby steps into the world of education. And even though your child knows the lexicon by heart, it never hurts to help them polish up their skills with a different,  challenging activity. The following series of worksheets are full of exercises that will help your kid learn a few new things but more importantly brush up their memory regarding the alphabets.


Put Words in Alphabetical Order Worksheets

Arrange Alphabetically – Ice Cream Sundaes

Put Words in Alphabetical Order Worksheets

The alphabets need to be learned by heart and on the tip of one’s tongue even in the middle of the night. This can be achieved using the extremely popular alphabet song as everyone does. It is pretty much the first thing kids learn at school and something that no one forgets no matter how much time has passed on in our lives. But as joyous it may be to sing along that song with one’s friends, to give your child an extra boost in learning their alphabets, you need extra help from worksheets like the ones given here. It solidifies the understanding of this first pillar of literacy and gives them a boost in the right direction.

Everyone loves a good bowl of ice cream sundae and has flavors and toppings that our hearts always yearn for. But before you get your kid that big bowl of delight, you should always find a teaching moment and grab it for your child’s advantage. Ask them to complete the worksheet and reward them with their favorite ice cream and practice healthy positive reinforcement with them.

Arrange Alphabetically – Jungle Animals

Put Words in Alphabetical Order Worksheets

Nature has blessed us with a bounty of creatures that share the planet with us. Unfortunately, these furry friends are becoming less and less common in the while, no thanks to extinction. This worksheet will act as a great way to remind your, children of these animal buddies from the forest, as well as help them with revision of the alphabets.

Arrange Alphabetically – Sports

Put Words in Alphabetical Order Worksheets

All that a little kid ever wants to do is go out and play with friends and make sweet childhood memories. But that may not be always possible in our increasingly digit world. But what can keep them connected to those memories is inculcating them in their education.  With this worksheet,  help your child arrange the sports-related words in alphabetical order and then write about their favorite sport. This will help brush up their writing skills too.

Arrange Alphabetically – Fruits

Put Words in Alphabetical Order Worksheets

Not every kid loves to have a bite of fruit, whereas some kids are always waiting for the season of their favorite fruit to show up. Everyone remembers awaiting summer for the mangos, picked fresh off the branches. Or the winter or sweet, round oranges. And no matter if we like fruit or not, it has to be a part of our diet as it is good for us. So why not also include it in our education? Ask your kids to arrange the given fruit names alphabetically. Help them relate to the material more by talking about the fruit enlisted. Showing them its pictures,  in case your region of the world doesn’t grow it or if you are not solving these in the correct season for that fruit to be available to you. It attaches a different meaning to studying when such objects of everyday use are brought into play. This practice transforms study time from a boring question-solving session to a time for having fun and learning in that way.

Arrange Alphabetically – Musical instrument

Put Words in Alphabetical Order Worksheets

Music is the language of the soul. Thus it can also prove to be a point of bonding for you and your kids. Ask them to arrange the given words alphabetically and then write about their favorite musical instrument. After they take their pick, there you have some new trivia you know about your kid! This might be interesting information because you should also try to find your child’s hidden aptitude and interest for a soft talent sometime around this age.

Arrange Alphabetically – Places

Put Words in Alphabetical Order Worksheets

With the world closed, it’s especially frustrating for kids to spend their years meant for the activity being cooped up in their rooms. But with this worksheet, you can take them on a mental tour of those places. Just remember to be patient with them as they solve these worksheets. This is not the form in which they were taught their alphabets, so some confusion and a lot of repeating of the alphabet song is about to ensue.

Download and print the linked worksheets for free to hold your kid’s hand in such a crucial first step of their schooling journey.

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