Recycling DIY : Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Empty toilet paper rolls are a weekly waste in most households. Have you ever thought of transforming these empty tubes into spectacular art? Check out the following fantastic crafts made simply by recycling leftover toilet paper rolls.

These crafts can be used as toys and decorative pieces. Bring out the artistic genius in you and begin this amazing journey of best from waste with us.


Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Recycling DIY : Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

St. Patrick Craft

St. Patrick Craft
Image Source/Tutorial: St. Patty’s Day Craft

We live in a globalized world and we must know and value different cultures and traditions. The best way to begin is to explore the crafts of different cultures and societies. Try making this fun craft specific to St. Patrick’s day. Use your innovation to make the beard as realistic as possible.

Christmas Fun Recycling

Christmas Fun Recycling Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: Grinch Christmas Project

Paint old toilet paper tubes and add some eccentric details with a marker. Cover these with a DIY Christmas hat. While everyone thinks these are just decorative pieces, you can hide your candies and gifts safely in here!

Toilet Roll Monsters

Be Careful, These Are Monsters
Image Source/Tutorial: Toilet Paper Monster Crafts

No one really knows how a monster looks like and this is an amazing artistic opportunity. Break all your inhibitions and get crazy painting monsters as you imagine them to be. Use bold, bright poster colors to make your craft stand out.


DIY Car Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: Simple Race Car Crafts

Why wait for your parents to buy you a race car when you can craft one yourself! Click on the link below the image to learn this craft step by step.

DIY Monster Stationery Organizer

DIY Monster Stationary Organizer
Image Source/Tutorial: Toilet Paper Monster Crafts

Isn’t this such a cool craft to have on your study table! Make a weird monster using an old toilet paper roll and use it as a stationary organizer. This will add a whole new fun vibe to your personal space.

DIY Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

Empathy is the most important human trait. It refers to our ability to feel others’ pain and help them. Follow our tutorial to make this bird feeder. It is a two-way gift; As you gift birds their favorite food, they will gift you smiles and happiness.

Organic Planters

Organic Planters
Image Source/Tutorial: Toilet Paper Planters

As you plant trees, you save the environment. However, using a plastic planter is where you counter your actions and add to the carbon footprint. Toilet Paper tubes can be used as an excellent planter. They are biodegradable in nature and thus, are absolutely a nontoxic form of the planter.

DIY Snake Toy

DIY Snake Toy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: Toilet Paper Roll Snakes

This craft requires a bit of skillful cutting and imaginative painting. Click on the link below the image to learn to make these cool popping snakes yourself.

Recycled Doll Craft

Recycled Doll Craft
Image Source/Tutorial: Toilet Paper Roll Paper Dolls

Dolls have a separate fan base among all toys. From an adorable, pretty princess-like doll to a haunted witch; It’s up to you and your creativity to transform a toilet paper roll exceptionally.

Mr. Froggy

Mr. Froggy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: Froggy Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Meet Mr. Froggy. He is cute. He loves to eat. He loves to jump and play. If you too like him, click on the link below his photograph to learn how to craft this adorable one.

Crazy Craft

Crazy Craft
Image Source/Tutorial: Turkey Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Make this crazy turkey craft from an empty toilet paper roll tube. Use it as a decorative piece or an organizer. Make it as colorful and fun as you wish to.

Recycled DIY Pendant

Recycled DIY Pendant Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: Quick Toilet Paper Pendant

We bet no one would be able to guess in the wildest dreams what this super aesthetic pendant is made of. Follow our step-by-step guide and make this glam broach for yourself. This can also be a thoughtful gift for a friend as it reflects your efforts and care.

Cat In A Hat

Cat In A Hat
Image Source/Tutorial: Cat In The Hat Push Up Craft

This push-up craft is fun and enjoyable. This craft will surely win you a ton of praise for your creativity. Go ahead and turn a waste object into the best playful craft.

Building Blocks

Building Blocks Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: Toilet Paper Building Blocks

Just place one block on top of the other and gradually you shall have a skyscraper! Do not get disheartened if you fail a few times, just keep attempting till you get your dream. These building blocks have been creatively made from recycled toilet paper tubes and are here to bring a lifetime of learning for young dreamers. So parents, go ahead and make some for your kids by following this simple step-by-step tutorial.

These crafts bring a lot of creative learning to kids while teaching them the importance of recycling and environmental conservation. Show us your love in the comments section below and keep visiting our website for more fun content!

Wish you a creative day ahead!

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