Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids

At first glance, pipe cleaners might seem like a weird thing to use for craft. However, once you discover the innumerable possibilities of this DIY craft, there is no going back. Here is a fine collection of pipe cleaner crafts for kids.

Pipe cleaner is an excellent material for crafts as it is both flexible and strong; as a result of which, it can be molded into different shapes and structures without any damage.

Anything is possible when you have a bright mind and interest. The meaning of creativity is nothing but interest along with innovation. Crafts are not needed to be done only with items from the shop. They can be done with anything and everything. Use things at your home and make little crafts. The interior design of your home is more important because you wake and the surrounding determines the mood of the day. Make yourself surrounded by positive energy and good vibes. Do handmade things and make yourself feel energetic.


Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids

1. The Eight Legs

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids The Eight Legs
Fine Motor Skill Octopus

As the name indicates OCTOPUS has eight legs and are a wonderful creature to look at. The eight legs can be done with anything and it is easy to make. The characteristics and features make them so wonderful to look at them. Many of us have not got a chance to look at it, but it can be seen in your home now. Make a super cool octopus and make kids to play with them. It will be amazing to look at. Different reactions of the octopus make it even more cool and lovely.

2. Dancing Dolls

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids Dancing Dolls
Pipe Cleaner Princesses

Who said the princess can only be found in palace!!?? Make princess at your home. Arrange a dance party for those sweet princesses. The colouful frocks add extra spice to the craft. Design dress according to the idea and innovative ideas of the kids. It will be so nice to make them think and work it out. Make the princess dance and let it be a competitive game. Choose the color according to the choice of the team and make a lovely evening at your home. Make kids get distracted from the boring routine.

3. Fishing At Home

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids Fishing At Home
Fishing Game With Pipe Cleaners

Missing fishing times with your friends??? Do it at your home. It does not require much effort or time. Make it with simple items. This is so exciting and kids love to play such kind of games. The team which gets more fish gets more points. The fishes can be various colours so as to indicate the points which they have. The most important thing is that it won’t be a trouble for the parents who consistently have to watch kids when playing in the water. They can be free now and at the same time, kids will also have a lot of fun.

4. Flies And Bugs

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids Flies And Bugs
Pipe Cleaner Lightening Bugs and Dragonflies

Bugs sometimes can irritate us a lot and it cause a great trouble to us. Make these little bugs not to trouble you but make them as your sweet friends. It is not a long way to go, just a craft away. Do such little bugs and flies. Make them as a decorative item for your home, it looks super. Let the wings of them glitter and it will be so good to look at.

4. Fly Around Flattering

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids Fly Around Flattering
Coffee Filter Butterflies

Butterflies fly around plants and they have a lovely time. They are so beautiful to look at and the different colours make it a favourite thing for all us. Nature’s creations make us feel great by looking at a different combination of colours and patterns. The complete look of the Butterfly is completed when you give the shape of the antenna fixed and make them sensible. Make butterfly flutter around you. Kids love this type of colourful butterflies and it can be used to make their projects. It can also be used to decorate things and make it extra special.

5. Decorate Your Hand

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids Decorate Your Hand
Rose Rings Made From Pipe Cleaners

Rings are generally loved by all people. Rings with the shape of rose have a separate fan base and it can be easily done along with some innovation. Do such rings in the shape of a rose and it will look so lovely. Gift them to the people whom you think they deserve your love and kindness. Nothing can beat the things that are handmade with an extra essence of love and time. Time is the one which everyone deserves and asks for. Make them special by spending your valuable time with them.

6. No Pain, No Gain

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids No Pain, No Gain
Rainbow Block Pipe Cleaner Craft

Don’t worry if it is raining continuously and you are too worried about the weather outside. After the rain, a rainbow comes and make you feel lovely and special. Watching the rainbow can make you feel happy. Life is like rain and rainbow. No matter how much sorrow and hopeless nights. It will be a refreshing and new morning the next day. All the problems will come to an end. Wait for the rainbow and have hope.

7. OMG! It’S A Spider

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids OMG! It'S A Spider
Itsy Bitsy Spider Puppet

Spiders are found mostly at the extreme corner of the house. Many things can be learnt from them like the determination part. They have a strong will power building their own home and they do it with love. They scare kids a lot. Do such a scary spider and make it a puppet to make it a perfect holiday for the kids. The legs of the spider make it even scarier and cooler.

8. Anytime And Anywhere

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids Anytime And Anywhere
Painted Twig and Pipe Cleaner Art

Invitations and greetings are not that are bought in shops, they are so special when you make it with your own hands and people love it when you spend time for them and make them feel special. Make such cards and make people special about you and know the value of you. It is so simple to do and can be had as a memory of yours.

9. Spider Spy

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids Spider Spy
Pipe Cleaner and Button Spiders

Spiders are a little scary but it teaches us a lot. Do this type of spiders and make kids scary and they love playing with it. The black spiders make the kids drive crazy over them and it looks wonderful. Make the spider realistic by your own innovation. Create many spiders and let it be a game between friends. Battle and show off your talents.

10. Dragon Tales

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids
Pipe Cleaner Dragon Flies

Have you seen dragon files flying around you??? Do it yourself and colour their wings accordingly. The different colours and combination can make them so wonderful and cool to look at.

11. The Pipe Cleaner Maze Craft

The Pipe Cleaner Maze Craft
Geodesic Dome Using Pipe Cleaners

Make small cuttings of pipe cleaners and help kids to join it in a manner so as to form a circular maze. It is an amazing way of developing the technical side of a kid’s brain. It helps in the spatial development of kids when they spend time experimenting with different shapes and sizes so as to form something meaningful out of these. Also, experimenting with pipe liners and bead threads help in strengthening their hand muscles.

12. The Pipe Cleaner Spiders Craft

The Pipe Cleaner Spiders Craft
Spider Paper Plates With Pipe Cleaners


Crab Craft With Pipe Cleaners

Use a disposable plate and cover it with black paper or a paper color of your choice. Make cuttings of pipe cleaners to make the spider arms. It is important for young children to exercise their fine motor skills. It helps to develop their muscles within their fingers and wrists. It is important for these muscles to be strengthened in early childhood so they are strong enough to hold and control a pencil for writing. You can also use these for Halloween decoration, and with that kids will feel more acknowledged and happy. Both the pictures shown below are different ideas for making a pipe cleaner spider craft.

13. Healthy Eating Crafts With Pipe Cleaners

Healthy Eating Crafts With Pipe Cleaners
Pretend Food Made With Pipe Cleaners

The picture below shows how beans, cherries, and peas have been made using pipe cleaners as a way to motivate kids to eat healthy food. Kids nowadays. are barely interested in eating healthy, it’s very important to do activities to teach them to eat healthy food in a fun way. This activity will help in doing so as you will explain to kids the benefits of these while making the craft.

14. Table Manner Craft Ideas

Table Manner Craft Ideas
Festive Swizzle Sticks With Pipe Cleaners

Table manner is an unavoidable thing which must be taught to children at any cost. Since kids do not catch at things easily, you must try innovative ideas to teach the same. Here, we have taken a bowl of cherries and decorated the chopsticks with pipeliners. When kids will do these decorations, they will also want to use these things and in the process, you can teach them. You can also give a new look to your old chopsticks and decorate it on your table.

15. Cake Toppers With Pipe Cleaners

Cake toppers with Pipe Cleaners
Golden Star Cake Toppers

Take These glittery golden pipe cleaners and ask kids to make cuttings of stars from golden craft paper. Paste them on the pipe cleaners as shown below. This can be used for multiple things such as decorating Christmas trees, walls, doors, and even for decorating cakes as shown below. Bake your own cake and then put these pipe cleaner stars in it to give a more interesting look to your cake. This will also help you to be economical as you need not buy expensive cakes, you can decorate it on your own and also teach kids the same.

16. Pipe Cleaner Christmas Crafts

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Crafts
Pipe Cleaner and Pom Pom Trees

i) These Pipe Cleaner trees have been made to decorate the house for festivals in an innovative way, which is helpful for you and the kids as well. First of all, join the pipe cleaners to make these trees and decorate it inyour living room and your kid’s playing room. Festival is a time when the entire house should look like one in a fairytale.

Pipe Cleaner and Pom Pom Trees
Retro Pipe Cleaner Santas

ii) Make these amazing and cute little Santas and trees for your Christmas and new year decoration. With pipeliners, ask kids to make the craft and give them the responsibility to decorate their homes, it will help to enhance the creativity of kids and help in the development of their manual dexterity. Not only this, when kids will work to decorate their homes for a festival, they will feel more responsible towards their home and family and this way they will also learn to care about the things that matter.

17. The pipe cleaners animal crafts

The pipe cleaners animal crafts
Pipe Cleaner Animal Collection
The pipe cleaners animal crafts
Pipe Cleaner Butterflies

Make these absolutely cool and amazing crafts using pipe cleaners. Children will certainly enjoy making these animal crafts. While kids make the crafts as shown in both the pictures such as spiders, frogs, birds and butterflies, teach them about these animals and enhance their knowledge on this subject. These crafts can be used to make a virtual zoo in kids’ rooms where they can add more animal crafts and this way it will also improve their academic knowledge and vocabulary. These will also help in developing the fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination of kids.

18. The Ninja Pipe Cleaner crafts

The Ninja Pipe Cleaner crafts
Pipe Cleaner Ninjas

Use pipe cleaners to make these exquisite ninja craft ideas. The pipe cleaners are one amazing fun activity for kids’ development. A threading activity is a great activity for the fine development of motor skills of different age groups. It helps children learn pre-writing skills such as how to use crayons, scissors, pencils. Also, helps children learn important skills like reaching and grabbing. In this time when we cannot step out, it is necessary to have a learning and fun environment at home so that kids do not miss much on anythings and thus, these are some great ideas for the child’s development by staying at home where kids will learn without getting bored.

19. Pipe Cleaner Puzzles and Games

Pipe Cleaner Puzzles and Games
Pipe Cleaner Tic Tack Toe Game

Use pipe cleaners to revive your childhood and pass on the same to your kids in an innovative way. Make the tic tack toe game with these which can be used by kids to play and also can be put anywhere in your kid’s room to decorate it with a funky and cooler look.  Do all these easy crafts and give the best kind of teaching to your kids.

20. Heart Rings Craft

Heart Rings Craft
DIY Pipe Cleaner Heart Rings

Make these extremely beautiful heart rings using pipe cleaners. Connect the pipe cleaners in the heart shape and ask kids to make their own Christmas tree this year and decorate it with all these craft ideas. Kids will certainly learn a lot of values and also grow academically and socially. Kids will also feel very confident when working for things on their own and will feel more expressive as kids do not use language but this space of work gives them the opportunity to do so.

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21. DIY Valentine Garland

DIY Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids DIY Valentine Garland
Valentines Heart Garland

This cute valentine Garland is too beautiful to be ignored. Use this garland as a wall hanging, door decorator, or for any place you wish to make more vibrant and colorful.

22. Caterpillar Craft

DIY Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids
Hungry Caterpillar Pipe Cleaner Craft

Caterpillars are a reminder that everything in the world is subject to change and such changes, however scary they might seem, often make you a more beautiful version of yourself. All you need to craft this caterpillar is a pipe cleaner and some colorful beads of your choice. Follow the link below the image to learn more.

23. Birthday Crown

DIY Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids Birthday Crown
Pipe Cleaner Crowns

Birthday caps are things of the past. The latest in trend are birthday crowns. Craft your crown with the help of colorful pipe cleaners. Tip: Try to use sparkle-colored cleaners to make your crown look shiny and royal.

24. Christmas Craft

DIY Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids Christmas Craft
Pipe Cleaner Snowflake Garland

Winters are here and Christmas is just around the corner. Reflect the happy winter spirit with a DIY snowflake garland. Try to put it up with string lights to transport yourself to fairyland.

25. DIY Crystal Flowers

DIY Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids
Pipe Cleaner Crystal Flowers

And then there are some people as precious as a crystal. These DIY flowers are for such special people in your life. Click on the link above to learn this craft.

26. Creepy Crawlies

DIY Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids Creepy Crawlies
Pipe Cleaner Spider Treats

This craft is surely not for the faint-hearted! Use black pipe cleaners and craft them wisely to make a creepy, hairy spider and hide them in the most unexpected places to enjoy some interesting reactions from people.

27. Hair Accessories

DIY Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids Hair Accessories
Anthro Inspired Pipe Cleaner Headband

You can make some trendy accessories for yourself using pipe cleaners. Try this aesthetic hairband, to begin with, and then experiment creatively to make many more beautiful pieces.

28. Cool Hairband

DIY Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids Cool Hairband
Bobble Eyeball Headband

This bobble eyeball headband will surely make people envy you. Click on the above link to learn this super easy and quick craft.

29. DIY Jewelry

DIY Jewelry
Necklaces and Needles Using Pipe Cleaners
Pipe Cleaner Daisy Rings

From necklaces to earrings and rings; there is so much amazing jewelry you can craft yourself with the help of pipe cleaners.  Follow these simple tutorials and be always party-ready.

30. Beads Snake

Beads Snake
Patterned Bead Snakes

Collect as many colorful beads as you can and arrange them in a pipe cleaner to make this fun snake. This can be placed on bookshelves, cupboards, etc. to give them a fancy makeover.

31. Alien Hat

Alien Hat
Pipe Cleaner Crazy Hats With Strainers

Plan your next invasion wearing this crazy alien hat. Take an old, discarded strainer and attach to it colorful pipe cleaners molded creatively.

32. Button Bracelet

Button Bracelet
Button and Bead Pipe Cleaner Bracelets

What can be a better use of old buttons and beads! Click on the above link to know more about this craft.

Nothing can give you more satisfaction than making things by yourself. It makes you proud and has a great feeling about yourself. Do many things and have a cool time. These are so cool to look at. Stay tuned to have many updates. Spend time innovatively. Write your comments below.

These crafts are time effective and cost-friendly. They teach us an important lesson i.e nothing in the world is weird or waste. If you like our articles, let us know in the comments section and keep visiting us more often!

More creativity and power to you!

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