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Let’s make the art of reusing fun and creative for kids.

In this fast-track era of easy accessibility, moving on from one product to another is perhaps one of the most major contributions toward the ever-mounting trash. Hence, practices ensuring greener earth are gaining more and more traction every day. And instilling such values from a very young age would add a lot of value to the overall development of a child. It will not only inculcate great regard for environmental concerns but also teach them to always do their bit because, in the grand scheme of things, every action counts, however small, however insignificant.

We can begin with a very basic lesson we’re taught at schools. The three Rs of important and sustainable waste management. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. And perhaps we could also add to it, for the sake of continuing the alliteration, Revamp?

And what better way to teach something than making it fun with an added touch of creativity? Let’s take a look at a few examples of how that can be achieved.

Not Every Spider Is Scary – These Wool Ones Are Cute

Not Every Spider Is Scary - These Wool Ones Are Cute!
Image Source/Tutorial: Blissful Domestication

Made out of spare wool from worn-out sweaters, a few buttons, and fevicol, these cute little spiders are a perfect recreational activity for a 5-6-year-old on a dull, boring afternoon. You can make its eyes using old buttons or you can simply use paper and sketch pens as well. They’re simple, uncomplicated, and always fun to make. After making one, you can ask your child to give it to a family or some friends to enhance their involvement and once they have a batch of 5-6 spiders, the kids can have fun naming them.

Let’s Bead A Snake – Or Perhaps, A Bracelet

Let's Bead A Snake - Or Perhaps, A Bracelet? Best Pipe Cleaner Crafts For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

There must be many pearl accessories lying discarded somewhere in the cupboard or at the bottom of the jewelry box. Take those out, unravel them and have fun beading them again with your kid as an art project. In case you use a needle, do the beading all by yourself and simply hand the kid a finished snake to craft a pair of eyes for it. The same way you did it for the spiders. Or, instead of turning it into a snake, you can simply let the kid have it as another accessory, a proudly self-made one. 

A Deer Made Of All Things Recyclable

A Deer Made Of All Things Recyclable
Image Source/Tutorial: Kid-Friendly Things To Do

A jute bag is probably one of the easiest things to find in the trash and it can be reused in so many fun ways. For example this deer or an antelope in the picture. Spare cardboard, used party fur, some glue and you’re set to go! Stick the fur on cardboard strips to craft a face and horns for it and then use the jute to turn it into hanging and go wild with decorations. Glitter, stars, or pop balls, ask your child to pick.

Your Princess’s Personalized Bunny Hair Bands

Your Princess's Personalized Bunny Hair Bands Pipe Cleaner Craft
Image Source/Tutorial: Cutesy Crafts

Bunny ears are perhaps one of those trends that will quite possibly never go out of fashion among kids and adults alike. Take your little girl’s old hair bands and give them all bunny ears and watch her fall in love with them all over again. These are as simple to make as they are cute to look at. Simply take thin, old, and used metal wires and wrap wool all over them. Then bend them to give the desired shape of rabbit ears or any kind of ears you want and stick them on the hair bands and done!

Pretty Little Butterfly Rings

Pretty Little Butterfly Rings
Image Source/Tutorial: One Little Project

To make these colorful, fun-looking rings, you can either use old resizable finger bands or simply mold them out of sterilized metal strips. Once done, ask your child for the color of wings they would like for their butterfly wings. Cut out butterfly-shaped cardboard and ask your kid to stick the wool on them in concentric circles using glue. Use the same wool-on-wire technique to make the antenna and you’re good to go. Watch your child flaunt their own, handmade, beautiful jewelry among their friends.

The Monkey Showpiece – A Fond Reminiscent

The Monkey Showpiece - A Fond Reminiscent Pipe Cleaner Crafts For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Show your ten-year-old the rattle monkey they used to play with as a toddler and help them replicate it as in the picture above. It can be a showpiece for their study table or decor for your office desk, a fond is reminiscent of the times bygone. Teach your kid how to wrap wool on a wire to make the monkey’s limbs and tail. Use the clay dough to make its face and tummy, cardboard and markers for ears and eyes, and go wild with imagination.

Rainbow And Confetti Dragonflies

Rainbow And Confetti Dragonflies
Image Source/Tutorial: One Little Project

Dragonflies make appearances in some form or the other in most fairy tales and bedtime stories as well as animated movies. Hence, making these beautiful dragonflies as a craft project will not only be creative but also a fun experience. Use a pin or a thin bamboo stick and pierce them into large confetti balls to form the body. Then make use of wires and wool/jute to make the wings. Crumple a tissue into a small ball to make the head. In the end, paint them all using separate distinguishing colors and decorate. There! You now have an array of colorful dragonflies to decorate your kid’s room with.

A Caterpillar – The Predecessor Of A Butterfly

A Caterpillar - The Predecessor Of A Butterfly Best Pipe Cleaner Crafts For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: Messy Little Monster

Make this little caterpillar using different colored wool and while you’re at it, tell your kid the intriguing story of how all the fragile caterpillars, at one point, sprout beautiful wings and molt into butterflies. Through the story, you can give them a small, gentle lesson to never be afraid of changes because as delicate as they are right now, someday, a change will give them wings to fly. And turn them into butterflies.

Grumpy Crocodiles Made From Ice Cream Sticks

Grumpy Crocodiles Made From Ice Cream Sticks
Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

During vacations, on summer afternoons when you treat your kid to ice popsicles, ask them not to throw its stick. If they ask why to tell them it’s a surprise. Once they’ve collected enough sticks, make this little craft project of alligators with them using green wool, paint, paper, markers for the eyes, and finally, glue. Then sit back and watch the magic unfold.

Pink Flamingo With A Furry Tail

Pink Flamingo With A Furry Tail Pipe Cleaner Crafts For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: Artsy Craftsy Mom

Lend your spare pink yarn to your five-year-old to use. Teach them to glue it in concentric circles as they did for the butterflies. Ask them to collect the bird’s feathers from the balcony and paint them to make its tail. Tell them to use glitters and sequins and whatever else they would to beautify. And when they’re done, use their own project specimen to narrate to them the story of the flamingo who invites a fox over for dinner.

Ten Little Clay Bunnies

Ten Little Clay Bunnies
Image Source/Tutorial: Rhythms Of Play

Playing with modeling clay is not fun whether you’re a child or an adult. So get those clay doughs and set out on a spree of making colorful and extremely cute little bunnies with your kid. Make those bodies by simply rolling the clay into one large and one small sphere and joining them using glue. You can use wool, jute, or any kind of string to make their ears and feet by either sticking them on or using a needle to weave them from inside. Once finished, you’ll have an array of colorful little bunnies to decorate your shelves.

The Simplest Snails Ever Crafted

The Simplest Snails Ever Crafted Best Pipe Cleaner For Kids All The Time
Image Source/Tutorial: Creative Little Explorers

This cute snail, when worn on the fingers as shown in the picture can be a plaything as well as be used to create hand figurines while storytelling. Make a finger cap using paper of your child’s size and wrap the wool around it. Use cardboard or a small piece of wire to make the erect tentacles supporting the eyes. You can use either a round plastic part from a broken toy for the hump or simply carve it out of cardboard and paint it. Once they have snail tips for all the fingers, ask your kid to wear them and create a story using a fully imaginative snail universe.

How To Train Two Little Dragons

How To Train Two Little Dragons
Image Source/Tutorial: Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Because who doesn’t like dragons? Not just mythology but books, movies, animations, basically any form of media you can think of, it’s a given that it will have dragons in some particularly well-loved form. This project is preferably for 8-10-year-olds since it involves scissor work. Ask them to draw the dragon bodies on cardboard and cut them out. Then use wool and glue to wrap them in. Use colorful paper to make the claws, antlers, and wings and you’re done. Your kid now has his very own little ‘Toothless’.

An Underwater Scenery – With Nemo And His Family

An Underwater Scenery - With Nemo And His Family Pipe Cleaner Crafts For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: Artsy Craftsy Mom

Take inspiration from the picture above and set out with your child, one weekend afternoon to craft a free-expression underwater scenery. Paint the chart paperback using shades of blue for water strips. You can either use marble pieces or simply paper scraps and color them with glitter paint to form the coral bed and underwater weeds. Finally, use thick wool or any kind of fur strings to make the creatures using cardboard, markers, and glue. Once the scenery is done, you can frame it up and hang it in the living room to flaunt your kids’ project to the guests.

Flowers, Lights, Or Wind Chimes – You Pick

Flowers, Lights, Or Wind Chimes - You Pick
Image Source/Tutorial: Handmade Charlotte

These extremely simple cage-like structures made using wires, sticks, and fur strings and capped with puff balls of fur/wool can make for beautiful flowers or light decorations. They can be lined with fairy lights and hung in your kid’s bedroom as pretty nightlights. Or they can be used upside down as hangers for small potted plants or even synthetic flowers to decorate your windows. Or, for the maximum outcome, you can attach little bells on the base and hang them as wind chimes.

Your Kid’s Very Own Avengers

Your Kid's Very Own Avengers
Image Source/Tutorial: Frugal Fun 4 Boys

If there’s one thing all kids share a unanimous adoration for, it’s Superheroes. So, you can imagine the excitement just at the mention that there’s a way the child can have their own little action figures. These simple figurines can be made using straws and confetti balls for the bodies, clay or balled-up tissues for heads, and chart paper for capes. Use markers or paints to draw the eyes, hair, and masks. And there you go! Let the epic battle between Superman and Ironman begin.

Crown For Your Prince – And Also The Princess

Crown For Your Prince - And Also The Princess Pipe Cleaner Crafts For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: Stylish Cravings

These bendable wires affixed with glittery streamers can be obtained easily either from the market or simply taken from various kinds of party decor. They can be bent into various shapes and forms. It really is just as simple as that. You can tell your child to bend the wire into their own choice of shapes and decorate it using stars, old brooches, colorful sequins, etc. Make it as glittery, as grand as possible. It’s a crown after all.

When In Doubt – Go With Flowers

When In Doubt - Go With Flowers
Image Source/Tutorial: DIY Adulation

Because flowers are your safest bet on days you’re unsure of the activity to pick. They’re the simplest to make and everyone loves flowers, especially the children. The kids can use string craft techniques to make a bunch of these extremely simple flowers and then stick them all on a piece of paper. You can use it as decorative as it is or paint a vase beneath it to craft a miniature flower pot.

Let Your Kid Craft Their Very Own Game

Let Your Kid Craft Their Very Own Game Pipe Cleaner Crafts For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: Make And Takes

Art and indoor games are two prime recreational activities so imagine the level of fun when you get to mix the two. That’s right! Indulge yourself as well as your child to create their own version of tic-tac-toe using sticks, fur strings, wool, and glue as shown in the picture. Preserve this set-up. Ask your child to play it with their friends and family and let them bond over something proudly created by them.

Easy To Make Tendril Paintings – For Home Walls

Easy To Make Tendril Paintings - For Home Walls
Image Source/Tutorial: Glued To My Crafts

While in the picture, these pretty flower tendrils look like an easy ten minutes project, they are equally fun to make. All your kid has to do is stick the fur strings in a rolled-up manner and then go wild with the paintbrush. Paint grasses, weeds, and stems around it and under it. Paint butterflies and birds in the space above and whatever else the kid wants. Let the imagination run free and call in love with painting and crafting simultaneously.

Dancing Dolls In Ball Gowns

Dancing Dolls In Ball Gowns Pipe Cleaner Crafts For Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: Blue Bear Wood

These simple stick figurines made by wrapping tissue paper on thin bamboo sticks and gluing them in the desired shape can be transformed into dancing dolls by simply making crepe paper gowns for them. You can let your little girl turn them into grand royal gowns by decorating them with pearls, sequins, glitters, and mirror stones and then hold an entire royal dance to play with.

Soap Bubbles – A Forever Favorite

Soap Bubbles - A Forever Favorite
Image Source/Tutorial: My Home-Based Life

Soap bubbles have been an idea of fun since time immemorial. Be it the rural village fairs or high-end city fetes, bubbles remain a constant. And why not? They’re also probably the most inexpensive and most easy to come by. Just like in the picture. Paint a small straw using different colors and fix a wired fur loop on top of it and you’re set. Whip up a small amount of soap solution and let your kid go wild with happiness, blowing and bursting colorful air bubbles.

To summarize, it’s not without reason that S.U.P.W is a compulsory subject for kids in school during their formative years. By instilling a no-waste value in kids, we not only take a step towards a better, greener future on earth but also make a statement, as a collective, of where we stand when it comes to the planet we are cohabiting. And perhaps, in this age of over-exploitation, that’s exactly what’s the need of the hour.

Our website is laden with more similar ideas with plenty of examples to color your and your kid’s lives with art, craft, and so much fun. You can always visit the other posts anytime you need inspiration. And since creativity inspires creativity, we’re sure you have your own ways of bonding over art with your kids. Your own ways of teaching them. Your own ways of making pretty crafts using homemade supplies and ideas. And we would love to know them as well!

That as well as any other suggestions you might have. Feel free to let us know them all in the comments.

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