Run on Sentence Printable Worksheets for Grade 2

Your kid’s proficiency on a subject is decided by how clear his/her basics are. The primary classes are all about making the roots strong and practicing as much as one can. That is why we have brought some quirky and interesting worksheets that will help your kid to master grammar.

The worksheet is designed in a way that will clear your kid’s concepts and will be helpful for practice too. Generally, people think English is a complex subject that includes a lot of details and rules. But this worksheet will help your kid with the basics. The topic is covered in the given worksheet sentences and run-on sentences.

Run on Sentence Practice Worksheet

This is basically to help your kids distinguish what are sentences and what are run-on sentences. The worksheet does not only consists of questions but to make them understand better, before they start we have given the definition too.

In the above-given worksheet, first it is started with giving a detailed yet easy definition of sentences. Make sure your kids understand it as the whole exercise is based upon them. you may brief them a little. After the definition, we try to explain the difference between a sentence and a run-on sentence. after that to make your kid’s concepts crystal clear, there are some examples of different types of sentences for the same situation. You can ask your kids that what is the difference they notice in different types of sentences given. It will make them think and make it interactive learning. Starting two questions are solved as examples and u can continue with the rest.

After solving these questions from the worksheet your kid will be able to distinguish between sentences and run-on sentences. This exercise will be of great help for building their grasp on this topic. Following these, there are some worksheets below which will test their knowledge. The above-given worksheet introduced them to run-on sentences and taught them how to recognize them. Now your kids know what are they, the given below questions will help them to change run-on sentences to sentences. They might be stuck in starting two or three but with your help gradually it will become an ice walk for them.

The above-given worksheet proceeds with defining run-on sentences and explaining the difference between the two. By now your kid would have learned it by heart. These are followed by examples of different types of sentences. Now the main exercise is to rewrite the given run-on sentences as meaningful sentences. To help you with each question there are hints given in the bracket. Please do help your kid here. Make them think that how could the hint be used. It will make their grip more strong. give them enough time to answer. The worksheets contain easy questions that are suitable for your 2nd-grade kid. But the question is made by keeping in mind that they should be useful to help your kids with grammar. We know that it might get confusing for them at starting, so to check if they are correct or not we have given answers below. You might check if your kid has got the answer right. If not please do explain to them where they were wrong and help them with concepts.

After solving these multiple questions on run-on sentences. you kids are almost pros in identifying run-on sentences and changing them into meaningful ones. This exercise will help them a lot in the future. While speaking they will know that how meaningful sentences are formed. These worksheets are not some dull study sessions but are fun English activities. Questions like these are like solving games that will keep your kids intact to it and grow their knowledge. We suggest you print these so you can help them to brush up on their concepts whenever needed.

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