Faster & Slower Worksheets for Kindergarten – Free Printables

A key step in a child’s learning journey is not only to understand concepts but to be able to express them. In kindergarten children become more aware of their surroundings and everything around them. They instinctively know that a car is faster than a bicycle or a snail is slower than a horse but can they use the correct words to express this? Well, that’s exactly what we’re gonna focus on in these worksheets.

Let’s take a look at the Faster and Slower worksheets we have for the kids!

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Faster & Slower Worksheets for Kindergarten


The worksheet shows a car and a bicycle on one panel and a cheetah and an elephant on the other. Vehicles and animals are something that kids at this age are already familiar with. This will make the topic not only approachable but fun.

The above worksheet shows things that all kids have seen, either in real life or in a picture. The familiarity piques their interest and this way they can have fun and learn simultaneously.

Now in this worksheet we have a living and a non-living entity in the same panel. It’s important for the child to notice this difference and learn to apply the terms “faster” and “slower” even in such cases.

We have four different but common animals in this worksheet. Let the kids identify as many animals as they can and then have a discussion about which is faster and which is slower among all four of the animals.

Here we have a combination of living as well as non-living items. You can use the worksheet to help the children classify the entities into faster and slower as well as living and non-living.

Here we have four different animals. What’s interesting is that two of these are very common while the other two are quite rare. This worksheet is  fun opportunity to have a discussion about how many of these animals the children have seen in real life and will help keep them motivated during the task.

This worksheet shows different modes of transport which is relatable for most kids. Let the kids recall the names of the modes of transport to make the worksheet even more interesting.

This worksheet shows four colourful and interesting animals. Ask the kids to name the animals. This will exercise their memory while they learn new concepts.

These worksheets will not only help introduce the concept of “faster” and “slower” to children but repeated practice will help them retain the knowledge forever. The worksheets are constructed in such a way that they not only learn but enjoy themselves in the process and that’s the most important part. So, what are you waiting for? Download, print and get started today!

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