Story of A Blue Jackal

Once a jackal entered a washerman’s house and hid in a large cistern filled with blue paint to dye his clothes. When he came out he was all blue!

When the jackal came back to the forest, all the animals were scared to see him. They did not understand what this strange animal was. The jackal said, “There is nothing to be afraid of. God made me specially. He has sent me as the king of you people.”

All the animals of the forest accepted him as their king.

One day, when the blue jackal was sitting in his court, he heard the screams of some other jackals. Hearing the voices of his companions, he became so excited that he also started shouting loudly.

All the animals understood that their king was none other than the jackal. They all got very angry. Together they beat the jackal well and drove him away from there.

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