Summary of Oisín in the Land of Eternal Youth

Have you ever thought about preserving your youth and staying young forever? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Turns out, Immortality is merely good for imagination and nothing beyond that!

Mythology and Immortality somehow always find a friend in each other. Although the ability to stay young forever may be deemed an attractive sight, its supernatural foundation may not be as beautifully acceptable.


Summary of Oisín in the Land of Youth

Irish Eachtrai Mythology- Who was Oisin?

The Irish folklore narrates the legend of a famous bard named Oisin, also a member of Fianna- a group of warriors belonging to the ancient timeline. He was the son of Fionn Mac Cumhaill, the leader of Fianna.

Though we can dig deep to find numerous accounts of Oisin who was greatly known for his love for the country, the one that has stood as a golden instance is that of his journey to the “Land of Eternal Youth” i.e. Tir na nOg.

One fine day when the Fianna were out hunting, they were met by a princess named Niamh, riding a magnificent white horse. Oisin was in awe upon laying his eyes on the beautiful princess and thus began their love story. Niamh asked Oisin to accompany her to her kingdom Tir na nOg, which also happened to be the home ground of the ancient rulers of Ireland.

The Land of Youth

Spending time in this new place was easy for Oisin because everything about the kingdom was unbelievably perfect. Eventually, he married Niamh and lived with her while appreciating the beautiful landscape and endless supply of resources around them.

The magical place added to the glories achieved by Oisin. All his injuries would disappear at night as he slept beside Niamh. All of this was possible because this place was actually the Land of Youth, a truth unknown to Oisin.

Regardless of all the happiness that had come his way, over a period of few years Oisin started deeply pining for his old friends back home. His desires got the better of him as he shared this with Niamh.

Mounted on the same white horse, Oisin decided to ride back home to meet his family and friends. However, before his departure, Niamh warned him to never get off the horse and touch the soil below on reaching his old kingdom if he wanted to see her again.

Lessons learnt on returning back

A sense of dread surrounded Oisin after witnessing the dark and abandoned condition of his father’s palace. He kept riding ahead in search of his friends but they were nowhere to be found. Finally, he came across some peasants who were held back in their work by a boulder hindering their path.

Oisin decided to help them. As soon as he jumped down to the ground, he instantly turned into a 300-year-old man, the time he was away from his land.

The spell was lifted and Oisin was left with nothing but remorse. He could neither return back to his wife nor have his old life back. Mythology may seem far-fetched sometimes, nevertheless, it always leaves behind a lesson for all of us. What glitters, may not always be gold.

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