The Secret Of Ravana’s Ten Heads

Everyone knows about Ravana.  He was of the demon dynasty and due to the mistakes made by him, Ravan Dahan is also done every year on the day of Dussehra.  By the way do you know that Ravana was a great devotee of Lord Shiva along with being a great scholar and a pundit.

Once upon a time, Ravana thought that why should not please his adorable Shiva.  Considering this he became absorbed in penance.  Even after doing austerities for a long time, Shiva was not pleased, so Ravana cut off his head and offered it to Shiva.  After this his head rejoined.  He then cut off his head again, but his head rejoined.  In this way, one by one he beheaded ten times and each time his head would be rejoined.

Shiva was pleased to see this austerity of Ravana and with the boon, he also gave him ten heads.  In this way Ravana got the name Dashaanand.

Along with this story many other stories are prevalent about Ravana having ten heads.  It is said that Ravana has not ten heads, but he created the illusion of having ten heads only.  At the same time, some also believe that Ravana was to know six darshans and four Vedas, hence he was also called Dasakanthi.  Probably for this reason also he was also called Dasanana.

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