Why do we have different time zones?

Why do we have different time zones

We have different time zones because the Earth rotates on its axis, causing different parts of the world to experience daylight and nighttime at different times. Time zones were created to standardize time across regions, making it easier for us to manage schedules, especially for travel and international communication.



1. What causes the Earth to have time zones?

A) The Earth’s round shape
B) The Earth’s rotation around the sun
C) The movement of the moon
D) The Earth’s magnetic field


2. How many standard time zones are there in the world?

A) 12
B) 24
C) 36
D) 48


3. Why can’t the whole world use the same time zone?

A) Because the world is too large
B) It would mean some people have midday in the middle of the night
C) It’s too confusing to have different time zones
D) Because of international laws


4. What is the purpose of daylight saving time?

A) To save energy
B) To make the day longer
C) To confuse people
D) To celebrate summer


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