Why sitting is bad for you

Sitting is a comfort to our body. While it seems like a harmless thing and a benefit to our body, it’s the opposite.


Built for motion

Our lifestyle demands us to sit for a long period but our body isn’t built that way. Our body needs constant motion to function properly. Our body is like a car. It needs to constantly move or else its battery will die and the engine will stop working. The longer you sit, the more your body becomes agitated. Our body needs to move constantly to circulate the flow of blood properly.

How sitting affects our backbone?

Our backbone is a long structure made up of bones and cartilage discs. Our usual sitting position is curved back and slumped shoulders. When we sit this way our spine goes through uneven pressure and strain. This causes wear and tear in spinal discs.

How sitting affects our brain?

Our brain needs adequate blood flow and oxygen to stay alert. When we sit for long durations our blood flow reduces, this affects the amount of oxygen that enters our bloodstream through the lungs.

How sitting affects our lungs?

When you sit with a curved back the chest cavity shrinks not allowing the lungs to expand to their limit, this reduces the amount of oxygen temporarily.

How sitting cause numbness?

When you sit, the nerves, arteries, and veins get compressed and get blocked which limits nerve signaling that causes numbness. As blood flow reduces in your limbs it causes them to swell.

Final Thoughts

Sitting not only causes short term impacts but also long term impacts such as obesity, cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, kidney, and liver problems.
It is necessary to give rest to your body but when you don’t move at all you aren’t giving comfort to your body but a future of doom. Treat your body right and it will repay you in the future.

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