The science of milk

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How many of you enjoy milk? All mother holds a glass of milk and runs in the back of the kids and kids refused to drink. On the other hand, kids drink hot chocolate or cookies with milk, milk-containing products like cheeses, butter, kulfis etc these are their favourite items. How is it prepared? Why cow’s story is popular since childhood?  Let’s learn point by point about milk and it’s science.


Milk is good for your health and growth.  The reason is milk is a component of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, water and also the vitamin and mineral (lesser quantity). Caseins and whey proteins are extracted from milk used to make protein powder and infant formulae.

Kids have a special connection with milk. First thing drink by a newborn baby is milk. It is assumed as a complete source of nourishment. That’s why our mother feeds us at least for the first six months. Now we grew up, it’s time to understand the science of milk. It is essential to understand what background each meal has that we eat or drink.

In the mammalian process of lactation, a special class of milk-secreting cells referred to as mammocytes.Line up single layer around pear shape alveoli. Cells absorb all of the building blocks of milk, next synthesis little drops of fat on a structure called the smooth endoplasmic reticulum. 

The droplets combine and other molecules and store between in spaces between cells. Mammary glands in the end secreted the milk through the breast or via tubes inside the abdomen.

Milk products consist of the milk of mammals. Worldwide dairy products are popular and massive in demand. Paneer, cheesecake, ice-cream, butter are tremendous in use.

Distinct dairy products are available in the market, however, the question is how science used for milk? Dairy industries maintain numerous techniques to manufacture different types of milk products are the following:

  • Cooling 

Cooling is used for expanding the life of serviceable milk for a longer duration.

  • Pasteurisation

After buying from the store, we heat the milk for few minutes but milk is already pasteurised before coming out in the market.It is a treatment where heating milk to kill the microorganisms, bacterias to keep it safe. It heats for the temperature of 71.7°C, at least 15 seconds. It quickly cooled less than 3°C. Milk could be processed to further to transform it into the dairy products with longer shelf life and cheese, butter, ghee come out.

  • Homogenization

It is a process to force the milk at high pressure through small gaps. It offers milk it’s white in colour. It reduces the size of fat globules means particles into a smaller size. To stop the separation of the fat from the water, homogenization aids.


Milk plays a vital role in our diet. It is not limited to the beautiful stories of a cow. You got the science of milk. Use of dairy products are increased however we need to recognize how much we should eat in terms of fats. Otherwise, while a mother tells to drink the milk, with none excuses have it.

“Milk is a wealthy nutrients drink”!!!

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