Best Preschool and Childcare in Lancaster (North West, England, UK)

If you’re looking for the top preschools in Lancaster, you’ve come to the right place. The finest Preschools, Kindergartens, and Childcare Centers in Lancaster are listed here.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Lancaster (North West, England, UK)

1. Preschool Center

The preschool center was founded around 30 years ago, and it today employs more than 50 people. The preschool’s privacy policy protects both parents and children, as well as employees, in the event of a fire or other emergency. In any case, the preschool setting is professional and safe. The preschool serves males and snacks at the center, which are included in the costs since the preschool wants to encourage their children to have a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet. The menu contains a range of foods from the main food groups, which give nutrients to growing children.

They incorporate enjoyable elements into their activities and learning, such as yoga; their school has a yoga instructor who teaches yoga to children aged 12 months to four years. Forest School allows pupils to explore their forest with the assistance of a forest instructor who ensures the safety of the children. They think that children learn best when they are engaged in exciting activities.

  • Location- University House, Lancaster LA1 4YW, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1524 594464
  • Website-

2. Bright Horizons Lancaster Day Nursery and Preschool

Lancaster is home to Bright Horizons Lancaster Day Nursery and Preschool. Bright Horizons is the UK’s largest childcare provider, with over 300 facilities and a 30-year track record. Children ranging in age from 0 to 4 years old are served in their nursery school, while children ranging in age from 3 months to 2 years old are served in their infant room, and other ages are separated in the same way.

Their classroom, which can hold up to 24 kids at a time, encourages youngsters to connect, enhancing their communication skills as well as their personal, social, and emotional development. Their Growing Enhancement Program assists preschool children in being fully educated and ready to attend school. Their preschool has two big outdoor areas where toddlers and preschool children may explore nature and play in an unstructured setting.

  • Location- Hospitots Day Nursery, Ashton Rd, Lancaster LA1 4RP, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 15242 30724
  • Website-

3. Busy Bees in Lancaster

The Busy Bees were founded in 1984, almost 35 years ago, and have been helping children ever since. They’ve created a secure and home-like atmosphere in bustling bees, as well as a setting in where youngsters may develop their abilities via play and interaction. They believe in providing children with the finest possible childcare and education.

Their school provides both indoor and outdoor play for their students because they think that children should be able to develop their gross motor skills by spending time in a natural setting with clean air. Their school involves meals cooked by their chefs, which are served to children in such a way that they are socially engaged with others while eating, allowing their social skills to develop. Because they feel sleep is an important component of a nursery day for toddlers and babies, their school also includes naps and quiet time.

  • Location- Ovangle Rd, White Lund Industrial Estate, Lancaster LA1 5JR, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1524 845245
  • Website-

4. The Preschool Centre at The University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria’s Pre School Centre believes in providing the greatest care and education to toddlers at their school. Their school offers a unique curriculum for toddlers that teaches them how to build independence and social skills.

Their curriculum is centered on the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). Communication and language, physical development, personal, social, and emotional development are all part of the foundation stage curriculum. The children are also taught four core areas: reading, maths, understanding the world, expressive arts, and design. Children’s safety is their top priority, therefore they’ve built a safe atmosphere for them.

  • Location- Bowerham Rd, Lancaster LA1 3JD, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1524 63124
  • Website-

5. Scale Hall Preschool Nursery

Scale Hall Pre-School Nursery is a nursery located in the calm residential district of Lancaster. Their nursery opens at 8:30 a.m. and serves breakfast and lunches to toddlers that are healthful, nutritious, and useful to children.

The school uses the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum to help children acquire the skills they need to succeed in school. Communication and language, physical development, personal, social, and emotional development are all included in the curriculum. The children are also taught four basic areas: literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, expressive arts, and design, and they assist children in developing these skills through fun activities.

  • Location- 17 Cleveleys Ave, Lancaster LA1 5HB, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1524 39015
  • Website-

6. Appletree Nursery School

The Appletree Nursery School offers a curriculum for children aged 2 to 4 years old. Their team and nursery are dedicated to provide the finest possible education and care for the children. Indoors as well as outdoors, children are given a joyful and safe environment. At their daycare, they use highly qualified teachers.

Their curriculum is designed to assist children in developing social, emotional, and developmental abilities via the curriculum and the assistance of their teachers. They also provide children with an education that promotes positivism and encourages youngsters to continue learning and achieving throughout their lives.

  • Location- Milking Stile Ln, Lancaster LA1 5QB, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1524 64132
  • Website-

7. Rising Stars Nursery Lancaster

The Rising Stars Nursery Lancaster provides the best care and education for children of their school. they have a pen door policy that involves parents’ participation in open communication. They provide independence and socialization skills to children to help them develop their potential. They believe to create a happy and safe environment for every child in their nursery.

Rising Stars Nursery Lancaster involves children ranging from 0-5 years of age. They follow the EYFS curriculum for children education that involves areas like Communication and language, Physical Development, Personal, Social, and Emotion development as well, the children are also taught four basic areas literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, expressive arts, and design, they help children to be developed in these areas through fun activities.

  • Location- Firbank Rd, Lancaster LA1 3HL, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1524 383366
  • Website-

8. Tiny Treasures Nursery Lancaster

Sister Lyndsey hunter, Joanne steel, and Kerry Maude oversee the Tiny Treasures Nursery Lancaster, which is owned and maintained by a family. The nursery is modest and child-friendly, with a strong emphasis on a child’s well-being and education. Their nursery encourages children to build self-confidence and self-esteem, which will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

The early year’s foundation stage guides the development and learning of their nursery; they assist children in learning via play and engaging activities, believing that this is the best way for a child to learn.

  • Location- 8 Winchester Ave, Lancaster LA1 4HX, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1524 61622
  • Website-

I hope you were able to find the top preschools and child care centers in Lancaster. Have a wonderful day.

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