Best Preschool and Childcare in Montgomery (USA)

Are you searching for the best preschool and childcare in Montgomery and is worried about your child’s future, not to worry more about it because here given are the details of the few best preschools and childcare in Montgomery that will help you to make the right decision for your child and to make your child develop in a great nurturing environment with full facilities and best quality early education.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Montgomery (USA)

1. Halcyon Park KinderCare

The well developed and established, this childcare is the favorite of every individual child after getting admitted in it. This childcare is having a beautiful attractive building for children to explore themselves. This childcare is the best one in Montgomery because of its differently designed curriculum which is like playing along with fun and studies, as teachers know very well that children love to study only when there is fun and entertainment, so keeping this in mind, they don’t have scheduled any boring classes for your beloved tiny kid.

As a parent, they always ensure you never worry about them because of their proper and secure care and support to the children. Also, they have beautiful classrooms filled with various toys and different colors which help teachers to teach children about different forms of colors, sizes, and different shapes.

  • Location- 6955 Halcyon Park Dr Montgomery, AL 36117
  • Website-
  • Contact- (334) 709-3022

2. Montessori at Hampstead

This preschool is based on the thinking of children. in simple words, this preschool is made up of all creative things which are especially for children and well-developed classrooms are the main attraction point for them because they have theme-based classrooms which they generally change every month and is developed according to the seasons and festival celebrations which help children to learn more easily and to remember it forever.

The classrooms are neat and tidy which are having good benches and use to get sensitized properly with sanitization of toys also. The teachers of this preschool are well trained and certified and for them, the children are the first priority, and each and every teacher supports each child individually. This is the best preschool in Montgomery.

  • Location- 5251 Hampstead High St Ste 111 Montgomery, AL 36116
  • Website-
  • Contact- (334) 356-1969

3. The Montgomery Academy

The right daycare means a bright future for your child, this childcare is having all different types of equipment for children to play with, also they use to treat children happily and keep them in a safe environment so as a parent you never have to worry about them while they are in the daycare. This daycare is having scheduled programs and activities by which your child will develop holistically.

The well-established curriculum is designed by teachers so that children can nurture properly and can explore their thinking also they can experience different things. This daycare is suitable for both infants as well as young children as the daycare is having different groups of every aged child. The daycare is the best one in Montgomery.

  • Location- 3240 Vaughn Rd Montgomery, AL 36106
  • Website-
  • Contact- (334) 272-8210

4. East Ann Learning Center

A happy place for children is created by this childcare because for them, the children are the first priority and early education is highest than it. They believe that all happiness and the blossoming atmosphere are only because of these tiny toddies because these are the building blocks of childcare. This very welled childcare is so punctual for their work because they know that if everything will according to the time table then children will also learn to become punctual throughout the life.

A nurturing environment is provided to every child for their proper development, the well-established curriculum of this childcare includes racing, jumping, drawing, dancing, singing, speaking, speech giving, writing, and illustrating their thinking. This childcare is also the best one in Montgomery.

  • Location- 1551 E Ann St Montgomery, AL 36107
  • Website-
  • Contact- (334) 230-9514

5. Evangel Christian Academy

This preschool’s teachers use to create a happy blossomed environment that is safe, nurturing, secure, and progressive. The preschool provides hands-on learning programs to each child because the right guidance and right study are important for children to grasp at an early age as we all know that the children use to grasp things easily at this age so the teachers try to provide all the best studies.

Teachers are all trained and experienced and are working for so many years. The developmental programs like- becoming socially strong, intellectually strong, physically strong, and more will develop children for the future and will make them self-confident and independent. This preschool is also the best one in Montgomery.

  • Location- 3975 Vaughn Rd Montgomery, AL 36106
  • Website-
  • Contact- (334) 272-3882

6. Lighthouse Christian Academy

This daycare ensures to provide the safest and unique environment to the children to nurture and to become a good learner, according to them a child will learn things fastly when they will learn with fun and not when they simply get theory which will be so boring for them. The teacher’s first priority is the children than anything else because of them only this daycare is going so happily.

The daycare is established with the best curriculum that is having all types of developing programs for fitness, for mental, for good health, for good thinking, and many more, this daycare is best in Montgomery because of its whole developmental activities and programs.

  • Location- 3570 Bell Rd Montgomery, AL 36116
  • Website-
  • Contact- (334) 271-4200

7. St Bede Child Development Center

This daycare help children developing their skill of listening and thinking because nowadays these two skills have become so important in this daycare. The daycare ensures every parent that over here their child is very safe and have been given proper treatment for everything taking from studies to the fitness of each individual child.

The full development plans are specially made for the children so that they become concentrated and self-confident, also the teacher’s ratio is so high that for every 6-8 children there is one teacher because of what each and every child can be given proper attention. This daycare is also the best one in Montgomery.

  • Location- 3870 Atlanta Hwy Montgomery, AL 36109
  • Website-
  • Contact- (334) 277-8551

8. Learning Tree Child Development Centers

This home-based childcare is so enriched that all the programs over here are so nurturing and unique that each and every teacher used to take proper care of children very easily and taught them moral values as well as daily routine works, along with that they use to prepare a proper time table which includes studies as well as snacks timing and water drinking timing too which will keep children hydrated all day long.

The fresh air of surroundings is taken by all children because the childcare is so far from any industrial areas and this keeps children feel fresh and super excited. The teachers of this childcare are so supportive that they use to keep children safe from every small thing, and the classrooms made are so specially designed for the proper coming of morning sunlight which is too good for children for Vitamin-12, this is also the best childcare in Montgomery.

  • Location- 4120 Carmichael Rd Montgomery, AL 36106
  • Website-
  • Contact- (334) 271-4733

This was all about the best preschools and childcare in Montgomery where your child will be given all proper and absolute teachings along with fun and exploration. These are the few best ones in Montgomery where you can visit by booking the tour timing or you can directly contact them through the given contact number to know more and to end your all queries.

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