Best Preschool and Childcare in Bath (South West, England, UK)

Pre-school is not only a place where kids have fun, but it is also a place where kids get to learn and also understand the structured setting like school and get comfortable around it. It is a major step for parents to take for their children, and that makes it even more difficult. So here we try and make your job a little easier by suggesting some of the best around Bath.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Bath (South West, England, UK)

1. Oldfield Park Pre-school

  • Location- Oldfield Park Infant School, Dorset Cl, Bath BA2 3RF, United Kingdom.
  • Contact- +44 7501 477008
  • Website-

The nursery provides high-quality education to children of age group 3years to 5years. They mainly focus on keeping the environment study friendly and help the kids be comfortable around the nursery. They offer a variety of special events like singing, dancing and playing where the kids can learn and explore new activities. At the nursery, they teach the kids to be independent and learn to do all their things on their own.

They have their garden where they teach the kids to plant saplings and grow vegetables, they teach them to nurture and care for the plants. The staff are extremely friendly and welcoming and are happy to help the children whenever they face a problem.

2.  First Steps Twerton

  • Location- Woodhouse Rd, Bath BA2 1SY, United Kingdom.
  • Contact-+44 1225 444791
  • Website-

The nursery strives to provide an environment where kids can have a safe and secure environment. They make sure to have a positive aura around the nursery which helps the kid stay positive and learn and grow through the journey. The nursery is extremely flexible are always accommodating for parents. They develop the child to build confidence so that they can attend school without fear.

They also teach the kids about basic mathematics, writing, reading and many more skills which will help them be confident in future. The nursery works in a close relationship for the child the explore their full potential and develop new skills.

3. Happy Days Nursery & Pre-school, Bath

  • Location- Kellaway Ln, Combe Down, Bath BA2 5EA, United Kingdom.
  • Contact- +44 1225 690133
  • Website-

The nursery is for children of age group 3 months to 5 years. The nursery strives to provide a warm and safe environment where the children can grow into beautiful individuals. The nursery conduct activities which forces them to be independent which might help in future when they grow up. The nursery makes sure the kids are fed with food that fresh and healthy food which are filled with high proteins and nutrients.

The staff are very attentive to children and help them reach their full potential, the nursery also has an app that allows the parents to know what the kids are done throughout their day and also will be informed about their new developments.

4. Midford Road Nursery

  • Location- 105 Midford Rd, Bath BA2 5RX, United Kingdom.
  • Contact- +44 1225 833141
  • Website-

The age group of children they enrol in this nursery is from 0 years to 5 years. The nursery mainly focuses on developing the child’s character and instil good values and morals in them. They conduct a lot of outdoor activities which helps the brain stimulate better, and also it helps the kids be enthusiastic and high in energy.

They also have an app for parents where they can see their child’s day to day activities and developments. The staff work closely with parents to help the child both at home and preschool as well. The food they serve is always high in nutrients and proteins which help them stay healthy in life.

5. Snapdragons Nursery, Grosvenor

  • Location- 4 Grosvenor Pl, Bath BA1 6AX, United Kingdom.
  • Contact- +44 1225 483660
  • Website-

The nursery provides education to children till the age group of five years. At this nursery they mainly focus on keeping the child happy and healthy, they offer a wide range of activities that are fun to play and to gain knowledge as well. The nursery staff are highly qualified and trained to teach kids the best at all times. They provide food that’s fresh and home-cooked, they make sure the kid is never hungry.

The nursery also provides flexible timings for the parents whenever they need the schedule change. Overall the nursery provides nothing but the best in all the areas, from making the child feel comfortable to parents getting frequent updates about their child.

6. Green Shoots Bear Flat

  • Location- Bruton Community Hall, Bruton Ave, Bath BA2 4QJ, United Kingdom.
  • Contact-+44 7712 617336
  • Website- www.

The nursery is for kids of age group 2-5 years. The nursery tries to provide a warm and safe environment where the kids can feel comfortable about other children as well as the staff. The nursery also teaches the kids the basics like mathematics, reading and writing, where the child can feel confident in their skills when they attend school. The nursery is well unique for the children to learn the best in all things, and explore new things.

The parent’s reviews are always welcomed by the nursery and they respect their wishes and put it into action. The parents also get timely updates about their kid’s day to day activities.

7. Guinea Lane Nursery

  • Location- Guinea Ln, Bath BA1 5NB, United Kingdom.
  • Contact-+44 1225 487858
  • Website-

The nursery is for the children of age group 3 months to 5 years. The nursery conducts a lot of outdoor and indoor activities which help them explore and learn about their capabilities and reach their full potential. The staff are very friendly and are always attentive towards kids and their needs.

They also take suggestions from parents to help the kids to do better. They also provide the best food which is freshly made and rich in proteins and nutrients. Parents also receive regular updates about their child’s development and the new skills they acquired during the day. The parents always worry about their child being safe.

8 Atelier nursery

  • Location:10 Dover Pl, Bath BA1 6DX, United Kingdom.
  • Contact:+44 1225 447992

The nursery provides care and education to children between of age group 4 months to 5 years. At the nursery, the staff are extremely welcoming and are always supportive of the child’s whenever they are facing a difficulty or need help. They also conduct a lot of activities where the kids can learn and explore new things and understand the world around them. They also provide the best food which is healthy and nutritious, so that the child can remain healthy in life. There is also an app that helps the parents to stay updated on the child’s new development and get to know what they do throughout the day.

Here are some carefully selected schools which might help the kids blossom into great individuals. Make sure to take time out and choose the best which fit your daughter/son

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