Best Preschool and Childcare in Parramatta, NSW (Australia)

Are you searching for the best Preschool and Childcare in Parramatta? Are you tired after searching all the schools and not finding the best one? Are you worried about the prices and environment on the campus? Is your child all set to go to their new school?

Preschool and Childcare are the phases where children get to explore every individual and also learn many new things. The children get a chance to improve their skills and also find out their talents. The Little minds are developed with the guidance of teachers in the right way. So it is very important to join your children in the best school.

After reviewing all the preschools and Childcare in Parramatta, we found a few of the best schools for your children.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Parramatta, NSW (Australia)

1. Earlystones Learning North Parramatta

Earlystones Learning North Parramatta provides the best childcare experience for kids until 5 years of age. They provide all the necessary facilities for them and make them feel comfortable within the campus. The classrooms are colourful and give good vibes to the children.

Teachers teach about everything in a very keen manner. Nurturing staff and caretakers are employed on the campus. Good habits like personal hygiene, cleanliness are also taught to the children.

Food and transportation facilities are provided. Parents can get to know their children regularly through their teachers. Regular meetings will be held to make sure that children in growing in safe hands.

  • Location- 198-200 Pennant St, North Parramatta NSW 2151, Australia
  • Contact- +61 2 9360 4511

2. Goodstart Early Learning Parramatta

Goodstart Early Learning centre believes that the first five years in the childhood of children is the most important phase. So, they decided to make it colourful and give the best experience for the children. The teachers are very easygoing with the children.

The curriculum is provided with all the hand-based play activities and also outdoor and indoor games scheduled in it. The management aims to develop the child in every aspect and make them get prepared for future challenges.

Skills and talents are very important for anyone. That is the reason the school tries to find out the best in every child and develop them individually.

  • Location- 1 Charles St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia
  • Contact– +61 1800 222 543

3. Mind Champs Early Learning and Preschool at Parramatta

Mind Champs Early Learning and Preschool enrols admissions for children whose age ranges between 6 weeks to 6 years. The school’s mission is to make the children learn and grow on their own by their own experiences. Exploring nature brings so much change to the children.

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided by the campus. These are cooked with healthy and organic ingredients and also with edible oils. Transportation facilities like pick-ups and drop-offs are also available.

The curriculum is set with many different types of programs in it. Separate age-appropriate play areas are situated on the campus. The teachers also help the children with their homework

  • Location- Meriton Apartments Tower, 336 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia
  • Contact- +61 1300 646 324

4.  Parramatta Preschool and Long Daycare and Childcare

Parramatta Preschool and Childcare provides age-appropriate programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and Kindergarteners. Before school and after-school programs are also initiated by the school. They provide affordable and quality care on campus.

Teachers strive to spread their knowledge to the children. Teachers are also supportive and interactive with the children. Children will get the feeling of home away from home experience in this school.

In the curriculum, besides the education summer camps and trips are also included. These will develop the children socially, emotionally, physically, and also intellectually.

  • Location- 56 Iron St, North Parramatta NSW 2151, Australia
  • Contact- +61 2 9613 3330

5. St Marina Early Learning Center

St Marina Early Learning Center provides the best early education programs for children. Learning Center believes that it is very important for every child to develop through their own experiences and grow into better individuals. Activities are conducted regularly by the management.

The curriculum is provided based on every child’s little mind and capabilities. Here, the children get to develop themselves into social and emotional means. Activities like music, arts and crafts are taught to the children.

Breakfast and snacks are provided by the campus which is nutritious and healthy to the children. Parents and teachers have good communication and parents get to know their children regularly.

  • Location- 3 Grandview St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia
  • Contact- +61 1800 413 885

These are a few of the best Preschools and Childcare located in Parramatta NSW Australia. Select the right school for your child and make their future bright.

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