Best Preschool and Childcare in Plano (USA)

Are you searching for the best Preschool and Childcare in the Plano United States? Do you know why is it important to join your child in the best Preschool? Are you tensed about the environment around the campus? Are you scared about the safety and security of your children? Are you thinking about food and transportation facilities?

It is very common for every parent to go through all their questions. When joining your child in a school, it is very important to join them in the best one.

Because Preschool and Childcare play major roles in the life of children. Here children learn about many things and all the persons. They get in touch with the outer world and explore everything on their own. They Lea and grow through their mistakes.

After reviewing all the preschools and Childcare in Plano, we found a few of the best options for your children.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Plano (USA)

1. Primrose School of Plano at Deerfield

Primrose School of Plano provides admissions for children whose age ranges from 6 weeks to 5 years. They provide a nurturing and safe environment for the children. Full-time Daycare and full-time Preschool are available. The curriculum is set based on every child potential.

Teachers are highly educated and qualified. They always strive to share their knowledge with the children. Many games are conducted to make the child feel enthusiastic and always be confident about themselves.

Here children get many opportunities to prove their skills and talents. Every child will be allowed to showcase their talents. Parents can get to know about their children daily activities through the teachers.

  • Location- 4100 Hedgcoxe Rd, Plano, TX 75024, United States
  • Contact- +1 972 208 1754

2.  Plano Day School

Plano Day School provides infant care and Kindergarten care for children who are 18 months of their age and Preschool programs for children studying up to 8th grade. The Preschool mainly aims to provide safe and quality education for the children.

The curriculum is set with many different types of programs in it. Apart from education, extracurricular activities are also given much preference. Here, children get a chance to develop into social and emotional means.

Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided which are cooked within the Daycare by using quality and healthy items in it. Transportation facilities are also provided.

  • Location- 3705 Ohio Dr, Plano, TX 75093, United States
  • Contact- +1 972 519 1611

3. The Orchard School

The Orchard School is one of the best Preschools near Plano. They provide the best early education and quality care for the children. The management always strives to develop the child in every aspect. They conduct many programs for the improvement of children.

Arts, music, fitness, science and math are taught to the children. The skills and talents of the children are highly encouraged. Teachers are very supportive and helpful to the children. They even help them in their assessments.

Children can develop their motor skills through the activities conducted during summer camps. Field trips are conducted regularly to make the children explore everything.

  • Location- 6800 Independence Pkwy, Plano, TX 75023, United States
  • Contact- +1 972 525 2525

4. North Custer KinderCare

North Custer KinderCare enrolls admissions of children whose age ranges from 6 weeks to 6 months. Many enrichment programs are conducted to increase the capability of the children. Children learn everything through their own experiences.

Food and transportation facilities are available. Meals are prepared with organic ingredients. The curriculum provides many age-appropriate activities. Children learn, make fun and explore everything.

Parents can get to know about their children activities through the teachers. The location is very eco friendly. Classrooms are very spacious and have a good ambience in them.

  • Location- 6525 Custer Rd, Plano, TX 75023, United States
  • Contact- +1 972 618 0011

5. Windhaven Academy

Windhaven Academy provides early education programs for the children whose age ranges between 6 weeks to 12 years. The curriculum is set based on every child capability. Every child in the academy is treated equally. They also teach the importance of equality for the children.

Teachers are very friendly and interactive with the children. Special caretakers are employed to look after every child individually. Children get moral support from teachers and parents.

Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided in the academy. Summer camps and field trips are included in the curriculum. These develop many skills and talents in the children.

  • Location- 5900 Communications Pkwy, Plano, TX 75093, United States
  • Contact- +1 972 608 2155

These are a few of the best Preschools and Childcare located near Plano, United States.

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