Best Preschool and Childcare in Lansing (USA)

Searching for the best preschool and childcare for your loving child? Worried about his/her future? No more tension to take, here is a list of the best preschools and childcare for your kid to help them nurture their future. All the information and details are given below of every preschool and childcare. You can directly call them or can book a tour of them, also here is the information regarding the environment provided to the children along with facilities, faculties, and structure.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Lansing (USA)

1. Mary Turner Family Child Care

In this home care, the staff provides the best atmosphere to the children. They make sure to provide a play-based surrounding for the children to learn by playing. Regular activities are scheduled in the school so as to make the children be active daily and enthusiastic. They teach new activities like- block building making, coloring the cuttings of pictures, puzzle-solving, and many more.

The teachers of the school are very supportive and take care of every child individually to develop them fully and to make their future bright. The curriculum is made by observing children’s activities and their routine including their passion and hobbies. The environment provided to the children is healthy, fresh, and nurturing to make them feel confident and happy. This school is the best one in Lansing.

  • Location- Waverly, Lansing, MI 48917
  • Website-
  • Contact- (517) 512-0041

2. Educational Child Care Center

This childcare is giving services for almost the last 40 years with always the best and positive results in Lansing. The facilities provided to the children over here are always up to the mark, the same as a parent expected. This childcare provides a healthy and safe environment to the children which helps the children to nurture, grow, and get stronger. They take special care of cleanliness because if one child gets infected that due to him many gets infected that is why they take full care of cleanliness.

The teachers of this childcare support the children as they want and as every parent wants. The teacher is trained and certified and also is experienced in handling the tiny tods and understanding their moods and mind. The students are provided with snacks to make them feel good always and the children never feel the loss of energy in them. The childcare gives it best results to the children and that is why this is the best childcare in Lansing.

  • Location- 1715 W Malcolm X St, Lansing, MI 48915, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 517-485-6825

3. Kristen M. Richards

This childcare ensures to give the best and high-quality education to your child along with fun and new learnings. The curriculum is based on early education that by doing activities they should always learn something new and productive for their life. Special care is taken of every child which feels insecure and lacks confidence, for those types of children they ensure to make a healthy, safe and fresh environment that will make your child feel happy and self-confident.

In this childcare, the students are provided with the best and this makes this childcare also the best in Lansing. The classrooms and activities are designed for all ages children to play together and get nurture properly in early childhood. The teachers also give a home-like environment to children’s ao they don’t feel that they are far from their home a lot and no one there for their caring.

  • Location- 525 Harriet, Lansing MI 48917
  • Website-
  • Contact- (517) 285-2207

4. Umbrella House

The teacher of this school believes in giving hands-on learning to the children because according to them the children are having more grasping at this toddler age other than any age. They provide their best knowledge and education to the children so that your child becomes an all-rounder child and should face any situations. For the teachers and school, the children are a special gift of God that is why they take full care and supports every child to live independently.

The classrooms are big enough for the children to play without suffocations and many toys are provided to them along with learning. They try to give experience learning to the children to remember it for a long time and to grasp everything properly and with full concentration. The amazing guidance and support of the teachers make the school the best one in Lansing.

  • Location-  836 Weston St, Lansing, MI 48917, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 517-281-8432

5. Smurfs Time Child Care

This daycare name already indicates the name is up to Smurfs, a popular cartoon movie, so according to this the environment made in this childcare is fully entertaining, fun, and learning. The teachers make the curriculum that is suitable for all the get group children. Their main mission is to make feel children that they are in a happy and right place, then along with fun, they teach the values and good habits to the children.

The support and entertaining classrooms attract more towards coming to this childcare on next day, and this all contribution makes this childcare the best one in Lansing. The healthy and fresh feeling makes every child feel special in this daycare and teachers also support every child individually and teaches them to follow their passion and different activities like- doing artwork, coloring, puzzle-solving, counting, speaking, singing, writing, and many more.

  • Location- 5813 Joshua St, Lansing, MI 48911, United States
  • Website- utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral#testimonials
  • Contact- +1 517-580-9764

6. Happy Time Daycare

This childcare ensures to give your child the best and high-quality early education along with good habits. Childcare is the popular one in Lansing and to date, only positive outcomes have been seen of this childcare. They promise to give the best support, love, and care to your child and make them feel secure in their environment. They will teach your child to become individually, mentally, socially, emotionally, and mentally strong and also developed.

The teachers of this daycare tell children to become independent and provide them many activities to do so. The curriculum is made by thinking of every child and those activities which should be suitable for all ages. Teachers take every care of the children and give them positive vibes by telling them moral stories and fiction and also they help them to follow their passion.

  • Location- 3709 Foxpointe, Lansing MI 48911
  • Website-
  • Contact- (517) 393-7135

7. Our House Family Child Care And Early Education

The name itself indicates that provides a home-like early education and support. The children of this daycare feel safe, secure, healthy, and fresh. The teachers of this childcare help every child to nurture and to grow healthy. The environment is created to make children feel comfortable and confident.

The daycare provides various activities to do, along with teaching and fun like- creating a drawing, singing, dancing, playing physical games, cycling baby cycles, tent house playing, outdoor walking, playing with their friends, and group discussions to become self-confident. This is also the best daycare in Lansing.

  • Location- 1917 West Rundle Ave., Lansing MI 48910
  • Website-
  • Contact- (517) 927-0100v

8. Cozy Bear Child Care Home

The best thing about this daycare is the parents are very happy with the services provided to the children. The staff of this daycare is trained and certified to handle the children and also the ratio of teachers-students are high so to take care of every child individually, the contributions and all support from the parents, children, teachers, and staff makes this daycare a good and best one in Lansing.

The daycare focuses on making the children all-rounder and they help children to develop intellectually, mentally, physically, and socially. Their mission is to make the children learn by expiring because according to them the experience makes us everything for a longer time rather than a normal education and as we all know that children are having the superpower of grasping at the toddler age that is why they teach every student with a fun, care, and experience.

  • Location- 3005 Stoneleigh Dr, Lansing, MI 48910, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 517-574-0982

This was the list of the few best preschools and childcare for your tiny tods, do take a decision for your child after referring to this whole list and by contacting the preschool and childcare from the given contact details, or you can directly go to the centers to knowing more information. Your today’s right decision will make your child’s future 10x brighter.

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