Blue Aquarium Fish Math Game Worksheets for Kids

Kids understand the language of pictures and colors more than words. The colors can add spark to their curiosity in learning. Along with books, some practical activities and lessons are more effective for their learning and education. Lessons can be taught in the form of simple games and activities which kids love to do. Their enjoyment and education go hand in hand.

Worksheets are the best example of joyful and easy learning. Practice on the worksheets makes children more focused because small activities grab their attention, and make them concentrate which therefore results in better understanding, and easy learning.

The First thing taught to kids in maths is numbers. Kids often find the comparison of numbers a bit confusing because it’s a little difficult for them to remember the order. Here are some worksheets regarding the comparison of numbers, which will help them to overcome this confusion.


Blue Aquarium Fish Math Game Worksheets for Kids

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Blue Aquarium Fish Math Game Worksheet:1

In this worksheet, kids have to do a simple activity in which they have to take the help of counting. As it can be seen in the worksheet two fishbowls with fish in them are there for comparison in each question. Count the number of fish in both the bowls and write the number of fish in each bowl in their respective brackets. Then compare both the numbers and fill the blank in between the bowls with signs to show which fishbowl has a more, less, or an equal number of fish.

Blue Aquarium Fish Math Game Worksheet:2

By counting and looking at the number of fish, it will become easy for kids to identify the value of numbers. Mathematics is all about numbers, but simply memorizing the numbers isn’t going to help unless the value of numbers is known. Complete knowledge of numbers is the first step in learning mathematics.

Blue Aquarium Fish Math Game Worksheet:3

Let us shed some light on symbols used for comparison. As you can see in this worksheet the symbols are equal (=), less than (<), and greater than (>). If the number of fish in both the bowls is the same, then the equal-to symbol (=) will be used. If the number of fish in the left-hand fishbowl is more than the number of fish on the right-hand bowl, then the symbol of greater than (>) will be used. If the fish in the left-hand bowl is less than the fish in the right-hand side bowl, then the symbol of less than will be used (<).

Comparison in mathematics means finding out the difference between the numbers. By examining the difference one can easily find that how much greater or how much smaller the number is when compared to another number.

Blue Aquarium Fish Math Game Worksheet:4

Ask your kids to count the numbers by saying it out loud, putting your finger on the fish while counting because it will be more helpful for them to memorize and make them stay focused on the topic. Give some of the worksheets, to kids, to solve on their own. This will make them responsible for their studies.


Kids have a very curious mind filled with lots of questions. Some make sense some don’t but what matters is that they eagerly want to find out the answers and grab knowledge, and if knowledge is provided in an interesting way, then they will understand better.

Whether it is the early stage of learning or the higher stage, practical activity is always considered as the best way to teach. The small activities in the worksheets satisfy their curious minds, as they can figure the answers to their questions by themselves, with those colorful pictures.

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