Christmas Tree Crafts for Kids

Does your kid want to make your own Christmas tree? We have compiled 11 highly creative and easy Christmas tree craft ideas for kids.

We know that Christmas is over the edge now. Every December is creative and we spend a good amount of hours on crafting activities for the Christmas celebration. It is the best time for family bonding and family reunions. No doubt, festivities bring joy in our life but they also help us in learning certain new things every year.

Christmas is considered joyous and high time for being creative. If I ask you ” What is the main element of Christmas?”, What would your answer be? Christmas tree? Absolutely right! In this article, we’ve brought you some amazing and easy Christmas tree craft ideas for kids which will help you teach creativity to your toddler and bond with your kid simultaneously.

Come, let’s get creative.


Easy Christmas Tree Crafts Ideas for Kids

1. 3-D Christmas tree

Image Source/Tutorial: thebestideasforkids

2. Adorable Paper Plate Christmas tree

Image Source/Tutorial: nontoygifts


3. Accordion Paper-Straw Christmas tree

Image Source/Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

4. Tissue Papercraft Christmas tree

Image Source/Tutorial: crayonboxchronicles

5. Christmas tree Pinch Pot

Image Source/Tutorial: theimaginationtree

6. Easy Peasy Christmas tree Ornament

Image Source/Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

7. Creative Popsicle Stick Christmas trees

Image Source/Tutorial: onelittleproject


8. Colorful Paper Plate Christmas trees

Image Source/Tutorial: funcraftskids


9. Green Strings Wrapped Christmas tree

Image Source/Tutorial: domesticallyblissful

10. Pom-Pom Christmas tree Garland

Image Source/Tutorial: raisingwhasians


11. Reverse Fingerprint Christmas Tree Card

Image Source/Tutorial: rhythmsofplay


These easy peasy Christmas tree crafts have to be great fun for your kids and you can bond with each other while crafting and getting all creative. These crafts can be made at home and also in classrooms.

Which craft did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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