Recycled Crafts & Activities for Kids

Sometimes, you don’t know what is happening around you and you feel like your life is out of control. Those times, we need something to make us relieved from those stress and just concentrate in from some other thing. Do something which you love to do, in most of our cases it would be art and crafts. It does not require a much of time or energy. Just your interest and little innovation is enough. Time to make something new and super exciting.


1. The Paper Monsters

 Recycled Crafts for Kids The Paper Monsters
Toilet paper roll characters

Papers are found everywhere. We use it daily for various purposes. But what about the remaining papers ??? It just goes to the waste and get dumped everywhere. Make use of these papers and do something innovative. These characters are funnier to look at and are loved by children.

2. The Block Play

Recycled Crafts for Kids The Block Play
Plastic recycling bits used in block play via Reciclando en la Escuela

Playing with blocks are the most loved game by some children. They develop intelligence among children and motivate them easily. These games can be played as a team and make us so enthusiastic. These blocks can be easily made.

3. Time to Dance With The Wind

Recycled Crafts for Kids Time to Dance With The Wind
Tin can wind chimes craft via Cheap Crafting

The wind is a exciting thing to play with. Sound of wind makes us so delightful and wind chimes makes us even more happy. Music gives us happiness no matter what tragedy happens. It doesn’t bring us happiness but at least relive us from all stress and discomfort.

4.  Recycled Egg Cartons

Recycled Crafts for Kids Cartons
Egg carton seed starters via Parents

Planting trees is not only a good practice but also makes us feel that we have given life to a plant. We wonder how fast they grow and we feel happy about it. Seeds can be put in these and make them grow. It gives us full happiness and gives us a lovely feel. Not planted any plants yet??? Go, it’s your time.

5. Time to Play

Recycled Crafts for Kids Time to Play
Plastic jug and lids used in pretend play via Filth Wizardry

Playing with balls and usual things seems boring??? Now do something new and make games exciting. These games seems so new and it develops the enthusiasm among the kids. They like new games and things.

6. The Bubble Trouble

Recycled Crafts for Kids The Bubble Trouble
bubble wrap printing via Art Bar

Have your ever been troubled of playing the bubble trouble game again and again. It seems so interesting but in reality bubbles are not a trouble. They can be used to make wonderful things like this. Spend time wisely to do things.

7. A Beautiful Garden

A Beautiful Garden
Egg carton paper garden via Box Play For Kids Blog

Flowers are always beautiful. When they are in group, they are even beautiful. Being alone can make you shine but being with people who makes the best out of you makes you glow a lot. Do a beautiful garden and see it glowing beautiful. Gardens are super cool and exciting.

8. Spin Like The Earth

Spin Like The Earth
Homemade toy button spinner made from a plastic milk jug via Housing A Forest

Spinners are loved by all ages. Can’t buy a spinner??? Make one!!! It is so easy and it spins more when you do it INTEREST. Do spinners and keep spinning. Life is a one time password. Use it wisely and enjoy it.

9. Girl’s Love

Necklace made from cork beads via Bookhou Crafts

The first love of most of the girls is jewellery. They enjoy wearing it. These necklaces can be easily made and worn everywhere. Wear these and make yourself happy wearing something made of your handmade.

10. Cute Little Mushrooms

Recycled Crafts for Kids toilet paper roll characters
Cork mushrooms via El Hada de Papel

Mushrooms are cute little saprophytes which are the favourite friend of rain. They grow depending on the rain. They are so attractive but even sometimes poisonous. Be careful with them and don’t dare to play with them. Make colouful mushrooms with your own interest. Decorate it according to your wish and see it glowing.

Even recycled things can be more fun and crazy. It is so interesting to look and gives a wonderful feeling to make something out of waste. Try it and do it perfectly. Have fun. Write your comments in the comment section. Stay tuned!!!

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