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The goal of education is to equip children with the necessary knowledge that will help them understand the world a little better and motivate them to pursue their dreams in life. A strong foundation in mathematics is essential for every child, whether they’re bookish or creative. 

Learning numbers and counting is only the first step – children must also learn how to use the correct words to express concepts. A great way to exercise young, developing minds is to combine multiple tasks in a single activity. 

How to teach kids when to use ‘few’ and ‘many’?

  • It is important to emphasize the importance of counting objects. Take 5 pens in your right hand and 2 pens in your left hand.
  • Simply by looking, kids will know that the right hand has ‘many’ pens while the left hand has ‘few’ pens. 
  • Encourage them to count the pens in each hand before answering.

Simple habits like this will help children understand the importance of following instructions and being patient while doing any activity

Use everyday items such as books, bottle, erasers, etc. to demonstrate more examples to children – visual aids are always more interesting than simply reading from a book. This will inculcate a habit of visualizing when learning and improve their mental capacity along the way.

Few & Many Worksheets for Kindergarten


The best way for kids to learn is to enjoy what they’re learning. These colourful worksheets with familiar pictures not only allow children to relate to what they’re learning but also holds their attention. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Download the free printables and get started today!

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