Single-digit Addition Math Worksheets & Free Printables

We have bought single-digit addition math foundational worksheets that will help your kid in building and brushing their counting skills. In this busy world, it is necessary to help the kids in familiarizing themselves with the basics of counting and more so that they can be well prepared for their preschool.

Single-digit Addition Math Worksheets

1. Single digit addition


This is the very first worksheet to develop the counting skills of your kid. You can start with this worksheet if your kid is a beginner and you can guide them wherever they do something wrong

2. Easy single digit addition worksheet

The second worksheet can be used to brush up the knowledge of your kid. You can have this printout if your kid needs some more practice. It is very easy to do and your kid should not face any problem while doing this but if they do, make sure you explain them where they are going wrong.

3. Addition of numbers

Along with counting skills, recognition is important as well. And luckily, these worksheets cover that part really well too. The best part is that your kid can learn about counting skills and recognition at the same time without facing any issue

4. Simple addition of numbers

This is the fourth worksheet of single digit addition. You can hand this to your kid too to enhance their basic mathematics skill so that if they become pro in doing this, they might grow up considering math as their one of their favorite subjects.

5. Brush up your kid’s knowledge with the following worksheet

With these simple single digit addition worksheets your kid will be able to grasp the concept easily without any unnecessary hassle. So, do your best in teaching this single digit addition in the worksheet for a simpler and fun understanding.

6. Fun single digit addition worksheet

Here adding the number is more than just a mathematical task. IT is fun doing this activity. While you hand the worksheet to your kid, you need to play your part as well for being a responsible parent and guiding them if they make mistakes.

7. Building the recognition skill of your kid

If your kid is all set to go to school and you want to have them prepare then you can give a shot to these single digit addition worksheets. It will be very helpful in improving their knowledge and they can do this without feeling bored.

8. Fun activity for your kid

The eighth free printable single addition worksheet is provided above. So, you can just hand this to your kid and before handing them over you can explain to them the importance of recognition and how to solve the paper.

9. Mathematical addition activity

The next printable single addition worksheet is provided above. It is easy to do and anyone who is 8 year old and above can easily do this without any problem.

10. Worksheet for constructing your kid counting skills

This is the last worksheet that involves the same concept but like every worksheet the numbers that are provided here to perform addition is unique and different to bring variation in learning and not turn into something regular and boring.

These are all that was needed to understand the basics of math before they start their school days. It will also help them in performing simple counting in a very easy manner. So now that you have all the worksheets that you need, you are all set to teach your kid.

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