Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Excited about Christmas? Yes. Worried about decorating a Christmas tree? No, don’t worry. We have some amazing creative handmade Christmas ornaments ideas for you. Have a look at them.

YIPPEEE! It’s Christmas again. All the joy and fun are back. This Christmas season you can decorate your Christmas tree with these creative handmade DIY Christmas ornaments. DIY’s are always easy and super fun to make. These crafts will help your child to develop his creativity and also provide you all a great quality time together as a family. Handmade ornaments will help you produce creative ornaments with the use of minimal stuff. So, why wait for long. Christmas is already on the edge. Let’s start making these fun and creative handmade Christmas ornaments now.


Handmade Christmas Ornaments

1. Handmade Hot Chocolate Ornaments

Image Source/Tutorial: Pretty My Party

This amazing creative handmade hot chocolate ornament is the best party favor gift for your friends and guests. Not only is it simple to make but it is also made with minimal stuff and effort.

Procedure:- Take a plastic round bulb container and put cocoa, colorful sprinkles, sixlet candies, and white marshmallows in it. Close it with a foil or cap. To beautify it, you may add a Santa sticker on it.

Your cute party favors handmade hot chocolate ornament is ready.


2. Melted Beads Ornaments

Image Source/Tutorial: One Little Project

This melted bead ornament looks so beautiful and it forms the perfect Christmas tree ornament. These can also be used as cookie cutters. But while melting the beads, one should be very careful and take all necessary precautions.

Procedure:- Take different shaped containers in a tray and put these colorful plastic beads in them. Now carefully melt them in the microwave at a prescribed temperature. Let them cool down and then demould them.

Look at how adorable they look! 


3. DIY Woodland Ornaments

Image Source/Tutorial: Decoart

These creative handmade woodland ornaments will add more beauty to your Christmas tree. They can be made using round bulbs.

Procedure:- Paint the round bulbs with acrylic paint colors. Use brown, white, dark brown, and black colors. Let the paint dry. Now, draw eyes, nose, and other features for giving facial details. You can tie them up with threads or ribbons and hang them on your Christmas trees.


4. Adorable Fillable Ornaments

Image Source/Tutorial: facebook

These fillable ornaments are surely going to be your kid’s favorite. When I created this in my classroom, all kids were happy and hyped up out of joy. Putting pictures inside fillable balls and hanging them on the Christmas trees is a great idea and you have to try this.

Procedure:- Take pictures of your child and put them inside the fillable balls and sprinkle some cotton or talcum powder over it. Now, tie the top with a thread or a ribbon and hang it on your Christmas tree.

Isn’t it a cute and adorable personalized creative handmade Christmas ornament?


5. DIY Decorative Balls with Hershey Candies

Image Source/Tutorial: The Suburban Mom

Candies are the best part of Christmas. Trust me, it’s the only thing that makes children wait for Christmas. This year, you can go creative and present candies in different ways. These DIY balls filled with Hershey candies are an excellent ornament idea for you to apply to this festivity.

Procedure:- Take a round decorative container and put Hershey mini chocolates in it and tie its top with ribbon. Hang it on the Christmas tree and let your child find their candies. Very Playful!


6. DIY Personalized Tattly Ornaments

Image Source/Tutorial: Tattly

One of my favorite ornament decoratives is using tattly designs. These clear stickers come with a sticky quality and are very easy to use. You just have to pull out the sticker and paste it.

Precaution is necessary when pasting stickers and one should not touch the sticky part or else it won’t stay stick to the personalized ornament for a long period of time.

Procedure:- Take the round ornament ball. Pull out different designs of tattly and paste them carefully. Tie the balls with a ribbon or thread and Tadaah! It is ready, creative handmade tally.


7. Homemade Cinnamon Ornaments

Image Source/Tutorial: Wholefully

It looks yummy, right!? No, No, don’t eat it. It’s made out of inedible dough. Its sole purpose is decorating your Christmas tree and not satisfying your appetite.

Procedure:- Take unsweetened applesauce and add cinnamon powder in it along with glue and prepare a soft dough. Take small portions of dough and roll it using a rolling board and pin and cut the shapes using a cookie cutter. Decorate it with glitters, beads, and glue.

Hang this beautiful cinnamon ornament to give an interesting touch to your Christmas decoration this year.


8. DIY Nametags for Christmas Decoration

Image Source/Tutorial: Babycenter

In one of our previous decorative idea, we saw the idea of pasting our kid’s picture inside a fillable ball. But another interesting idea can be hanging their homemade name tags.

Procedure:- You can create it easily at home. All you need for this craft is cardboard and a black marker. Cut the cardboard paper into all block pieces and write each letter of your kid’s name on it. You can additionally mention their birthdates as well and hand them on the Christmas tree.

See! it’s that easy to create a homemade nametag for Christmas decoration.


9. DIY Personalized Cross Stitch Ornament

Image Source/Tutorial: Diycandy

DIY has to be my favorite. I mean, creating stuff at home with the available products and putting your energy and creativity into it, isn’t it amazing? DIY’s are best. So is this cross stitch ornament. You hang it on your Christmas tree this season and see how all eyes in the room are stuck on it.

Procedure:- This needs precaution as it involves working with a needle. You’ll require a red cloth, 3-inch hoop, needle, and white spinning thread. Now fit the cloth in the stitching hoop and start inscribing “Merry Christmas” over it. When you are done, you can hang it on the tree as decoration.

Your personalized creative handmade Christmas ornament is ready.

10. Homemade Candy Cane Reindeer

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

You can make reindeer with a candy cane for kids in the classroom or at home. It’s a great way of creative experimenting with candies.

You need two candy canes. Place them together in an outward-looking position and secure them with tape. Now, take a cardboard paper and wrap it around the candy cane sticks in the middle part to make the reindeer’s face. Stick googly eyes, glittery nose, and ears of reindeer.

Now enjoy hanging it and looking at this creative piece created by you and that too at home using DIY.


11. Popsicle Stick Mini Christmas trees

Image Source/Tutorial: One Little Project

What is Christmas without a Christmas tree; and what is a Christmas tree without the decorative on it. Decorating the Christmas tree is the favorite part of Christmas and creating homemade Christmas ornaments makes it much more fun. Create these cute little popsicle stick mini Christmas trees and use them as decoratives.

The procedure is very simple. You need popsicle sticks. Glue them together in a triangle shape and decorate them with pom-pom balls, sequins, jingle bells, shiny wraps, and other craft items of your own choice.

The creative handmade Christmas ornament is ready!


12. DIY Popsicle Reindeers

Image Source/Tutorial: Renajjones

We are well aware of the fact that Christmas is the month of snow and winters. It’s the season of reindeer. Santa Claus rides reindeer to reach every one of us. Thus, reindeer’s importance is a known unhidden fact to us. So, using reindeer as Christmas ornaments will be a good idea.

Procedure:- To create these cute homemade reindeer we need popsicle sticks. Paste them in a reindeer’s shape and cut out the tail, face, and ears from brown craft paper. Add googly eyes, nose, and horns using craft items present at home.

It’s done!

13. DIY Lightbulb Snowmans

Image Source/Tutorial: Kelseybang

These cute snowman bulbs are perfect ornaments and very simple to make.

Procedure:- For making these bulbs snowman we may need white/transparent lightbulbs, black, white & orange paint, sticks, and white glitter for shine. Start with painting the bulb white. Let it dry. Now draw eyes, nose, and buttons over it to give snowman structure using black paint. Glue the sticks at the place of their hands and sprinkle some white glitter over your snowman to give its shiny look.

Seriously! What’s prettier and cuter than these homemade lightbulb snowman ornaments.


14. Personalized Cinnamon Stick Ornaments

Image Source/Tutorial: Consumercrafts

These cinnamon sticks creative handmade crafts are simple to make using items available at our respective homes. Christmas is on the edge and it is the best time to showcase your creativity with handmade Christmas ornaments. So get set and go.

Procedure:- Take cinnamon sticks and stick tree grasses upon them. Now add buttons at the ends as decorative and tie a jute string at the top to hang these on the Christmas tree.

There You Go!


15. Fingerprint Snowman Ornament

Image Source/Tutorial: Plaidonline

Christmas is all about fun. It brings joy to our lives and gives us an opportunity of refreshing our minds from our normal hectic schedule. Christmas is a great time for family bonding. This fingerprint snowman ornament is highly creative that you can make with your kids.

Procedure:- Take a Christmas decorative ball and paint it blue. Now dip your kid’s finger in white paint and help him make a structure of snowman with fingerprints. You can add further detailing like the snowflakes, scarf, hand, and nose of a snowman, etc.

Hang this creative handmade Christmas ornament and add beauty to your Christmas tree.


16. DIY Snowman Lightbulb Face

Image Source/Tutorial: Youtube

This DIY snowman-faced ornament is the cutest of all and a perfect idea. It can be made very easily.

Procedure:- Take a lightbulb and put glue in it. Spread it all over nicely to make it look while painted. Cut an old sock’s end and put it over top of the bulb-like a cap. Make facial features of the snowman using markers and paints. Your little adorable creative handmade Christmas snowman is ready to attract all charms.

17. Homemade Mickey-Minnie Ornaments

Image Source/Tutorial: The Country Chiccottage

Nothing excites a kid more than cartoons. Mickey mouse is the children’s favorite. So try creating these Disney-inspired characters this Christmas and add them as decorative ornaments for your Christmas tree.

Procedure:- Take plastic/terracotta pots and paint them black-red. Draw Mickey and Minnie mouse patterns over them and allow them to dry. Add thick red yarn and hang them on the Christmas tree and adore the beauty of this creative handmade Christmas ornament using the DIY technique.


Have you decorated your Christmas tree yet? If not, then this article is meant just for you. 

Merry Christmas to you!

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