Easy Christmas DIY Crafts for This Holiday Season

Wahoo! It’s Christmas again. We’ve brought you 29 superb easy Christmas crafts for kids. Let your kid get creative this Christmas.

It’s here again! Our favorite winter holiday to celebrate. Christmas! Every year it’s fun to decorate our house and Christmas tree and wait for Santa Claus for the gifts. But sometimes it is boring with the same decoration. How about we try to make something creative and personalize our home and tree with fun DIYs. These easy Christmas crafts for kids provide ideas that let both- parents and kids join in creativity and can have a full blast. It’s a great way to involve your children in the holiday spirit.

These Christmas crafts are easy to make and do not need special tools or skills that from every age group will enjoy an hour of making. Let’s beings our fun Christmas decoration activity.


Easy Christmas DIY Crafts That Any Child Can’t Resist In Participating Holiday Season

1. DIY Pom-Pom Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Image Source/Tutorial: Creative Family Fun

A Christmas celebration without a Christmas tree is incomplete. Modern Tannenbaum commonly known as Christmas Tree is symbolic of welcoming the festive season with our open hearts. The tree is normally decorated with lights and ornaments. But this year we are making our own DIY Christmas tree. The kids will enjoy every moment in the making process and on top of that, it is easy and takes only a few minutes to make. Even kindergarten kids don’t need much supervision to make.

How To Make: Grab some paper plate, and fold them like a cone and staple it. Color paper plates with green color and add colorful pom-poms in a spiral motion to look like Christmas lights.

Age Group: 2-5 years


2. DIY Pom-Poms Christmas Snow Ball Ornament

Image Source/Tutorial: Vikalpah

Decorating a Christmas tree can be a little bit difficult when you don’t know what theme to include and you want your kids to participate as well. This easy Christmas craft DIY pom-pom snowball is the perfect decoration to include this year. These easy to prepare snowball gives the touch of your child’s creativity to your Christmas décor. And kids can personalize the snowballs for every family member and friend to include in the Christmas tree.

How To Make: Fill a round clear plastic ornament with white pom-poms, outline your favorite character with a marker and paint the outer outline. You can see the pom-poms on the outline, it gives an illusion of a snow effect.

Age Group:  7-10 years


3. Family Handprint Christmas Tree

Image Source/Tutorial: Mama Smiles

What’s more fun than making a Christmas tree that includes all your family members. It’s a family activity that involves all kids and every family member participating. And it is always enjoyable when the whole family joins together in the celebration. And Christmas is all about family, sharing love, and having a merry time. So, try this amazing and super easy Christmas craft idea.

How To Make: Grab green color paper. Trace both hands of every family member on the paper. Cut it neatly with precaution, stack up in a tree from largest at the bottom and smallest at the top, and lastly add a little yellow cut-out star.

Age Group: 3-6 years


4. Toilet Rolls Reindeer Ornament

Image Source/Tutorial: Happy Hooligans

There is never too much Christmas decoration to hang on your tree. But buying decorations can be expensive and time-consuming. These reindeer toilet rolls are the perfect way to use your creativity and recycle your toilet rolls and save a few bucks. Reindeers are adorable, it gives your tree a personality. Making decorations that are reusable and made by the children makes Christmas more special.

How To Make: Bring out colored texture paper in different shades of brown, cover the whole toilet roll add some googly eyes and a red thermocol ball as a nose.

Age Group: 4-7 years


5. Tissue Paper Wreath

Image Source/Tutorial: Happiness is Homemade

Wreath decorations are essential for welcoming the holiday spirit of Christmas. As wreaths, circular shapes symbolize eternal life and inviting Jesus Christ to their homes. It’s proper to make our wreaths. Wreaths that are easy to craft and give your home a fresh look and a perfect way to greet your guests warmly.

How To Make: Use any color tissue or one basic color, crumple them in a circular motion, and little details of decorations to give your wreath a complete look.

Age group: 7-10 years


6. Christmas Tree with Tin Cans

Image Source/Tutorial: Babble Dabble Do


Do your kids want their own Christmas tree? This is a perfect craft to participate in the festive season and get their creative tree. It includes all your used discarded food cans and stacking them bigger to smaller in the form of a tree.

How To Make: Use your old food cans with no sharp edges. Paint them in green and add little details like Pom-poms, bows, wreaths, and add at the top with a star.

Age Group: 4-7 years


7. Christmas Gnome as Santa Claus And Elf’s

Image Source/Tutorial: Hey Let’s Make Stuff

When you think of Christmas what iconic figures can you imagine? Santa Claus of course and his little helping hands. Now is the perfect opportunity to create a Santa and his elf helpers in form gnome. These gnome figures are cute and entertaining to make that will perfectly engage your kids with the Christmas celebration. Along with this easy craft is surely going to enhance your Christmas decoration.

How TO Make: Use mason jars, paint them as Santa or elf and top off with a cone hat.

Age Group: 5-8 years


8. For The Love Of Dinosaurs

Image Source/Tutorial: Pillar Box Blue

For the kids and adults that have a love for Trex and dinosaurs, what’s better than Dinosaur Christmas ornaments? At this Christmas time, you can happily have your wish fulfilled. This DIY dinosaur snowball can indulge your fantasy of including prehistoric animals in your Christmas tradition.

How To Make: Paint your dinosaur and pine in gold. Put them in goblet glass and some shredded cotton or talcum powder-like snow.

Age Group: 7-10 years


9. Glowing Snow Globe

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun at Home With Kids

Light your house and tree with bright glowing snowball light. Here is the craft idea that is cool and creative DIY to make. This craft makes everyone participate. It’s mesmerizing to look at it and glowing. Even after Christmas is over you can still use it as a decorative piece.

How To Make: Grab a snow globe add with glitters, tonic water, and your favorite Christmas character. And add cool backlights to make it lit. And place it in a corner of your house or beside your bandstand.

Age Group: 6-9 years


10. Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree

Image Source/Tutorial: This Grandma is Fun

Here’s is another Christmas Tree idea that is easily accomplished and fills your home with a warm sweet cinnamon scent. To make this craft one could find the main ingredient in every kitchen ahousehold and little decoration items to complete the simple DIY project.

How To Make: Add a few long cinnamon sticks add a tie with favorite color ribbons and a bow on top of it.

Age Group: 3-6 years


11. Christmas Theme Reindeer Treats

Image Source/Tutorial: The Melrose Family

Kids can be picky with food. How about we make their treats more Christmassy by giving their treats the shape of reindeer to enjoy. It is quick and easy even the kids can make their own without any help. These reindeer craft treats are very appetizing that picky ones would immediately grab to eat it.

How To Make: Add googly eyes and a bell as the nose and some glitter foils as horns.

Age Group: 2-5 years


12. Creative Christmas Salt Painting For Painting Lovers

Image Source/Tutorial: Meri Cherry

Drawing and painting is one of the earliest childhood memories. Where they learn the creative side of their personality. The salt painting is one such way to bring your child’s creativity to your Christmas décor. Kids will love part of craft as this give them full freedom to make their own Winter Wonderland masterpiece. And it is easy for parents too this craft doesn’t need much supervision to work on it.

How To Make: Create patterns with tape on the paper, paint around your paper whatever you desire, and sprinkle salt with light-handed on wet painting. Wait for it to dry out, then remove the tape and reveal your artwork.

Age Group: 4-9 years


13. Cinnamon Stick Reindeer

Image Source/Tutorial: Creative Homemaking

Making cute Christmas ornaments is never going to be enough. And reindeer are the epitome of cuteness and Xmas season. With easy ingredients and techniques, any child can create a showpiece. Cinnamon reindeer can be hung on the trees or near windows and doors, and it will constantly give a fresh-baked cinnamon rolls scent through the whole house.

How To Make: Grab some cinnamon sticks. First, stick two cinnamon sticks in the shape of V, and above add another stick. Lastly, add your googly eyes and a red pom-pom.

Age group: 5-7 years


14. Your Personal DIY Christmas Lights

Image Source/Tutorial: And Next Comes L


Without the twinkling colorful lights, your whole Christmas decoration is incomplete. Whether your garden, house, windows, and most importantly your Christmas tree it needs the lights. Here is a cool DIY light craft that your child love to make and stick around your house to display to your neighbors, friends, and family.

How To Make: Shape the layered color tissue paper in form of lights. Tape them in the window and let the natural light from the sun or at night from streetlights reflect on them.

Age Group: 6-10 years


15. Wood Slice Santa Claus

Image Source/Tutorial: The Country Chic Cottage

Another easy Santa Claus craft that is made with on a piece of wood. Is int amazing with simple DIY crafts one could make such memorable easy Christmas ornaments? That you can hang in your tree and use for next holidays too.

How To Make: Use an oval shape wood slice. Paint the top half with red and the bottom with white to give the classic Santa look, and add with black paint as eyes and a red pom-pom as the nose. Your DIY Santa is ready to hang on your Christmas tree.

Age group: 7-10 years


16.  Finger Painted Greeting Cards For Wishing Christmas

Image Source/Tutorial: A Dab of Glue Will Do

Finger painting art is one of the easiest and fun ways of painting. Be an adult or a toddler it is always fun to make a greeting card that is easy and personalized. This personalized greeting card is a good way of wishing for your loved ones.

How To Make: Grab any white piece of paper or better blank greeting cards that are easily available at the market. Use green color to outline the Christmas tree and add your favorite colors to decorate the card. Run wild with your imagination.

Age Group: 2-5 years


17.  Christmas Snow Ball Trinkets In Mason Jars

Image Source/Tutorial: Crazy Little Projects


Christmas ball ornaments are everyone’s favorite. Be the clear snowballs or colored or figure snowballs. One cannot get enough of these charming decorations. But this time we are making our snowballs but with a twist, a DIY snowball but in a mason jar. The kids can pick their favorite figures from waddle penguins to snowman to polar bears.

How To Make: Just grab a few mason jars or clear glass jars. But first, ask your parents. Collect your favorite Christmas trinkets like a snowman, penguin, polar bear anything that reminds you of Christmas and winter. Glue the small figurine with a glue gun at bottom of the mason jar add some shredded cotton to look like snow and close the lid tightly. And voila! your Christmas-themed snowball is ready to be gifted on Christmas Day.

Age Group: 5-8 years


18. Candy Cane Slime To Play

Image Source/Tutorial: The Best Ideas for Kids

Slimes that are fun to play. Everyone loves to play with slime from a child to an adult. But here we are going to make or should I say play with two-color slime and make it like a candy cane for us.

How To Make: Take two slimes of red and white color for making a Christmas candy cane. Make it a long shape and twist both slimes and give them a candy shape.

Age Group: 4-10 years


19. Eat Your Popcorns from A Creative Snow Man Jar

Image Source/Tutorial: The Melrose Family

Exchanging gifts at Christmas is a tradition. How about we go ahead and make our own Christmas gift container. Here we are going to make some popcorn as gifts and pack it in a mason jar snowman. These gifts are perfect to present to their teachers and neighbors by kids.

How To Make: Take a jar filled with popcorns, lose the lid add a ribbon and a white ball on top of the lid. Add googly eyes and a carrot color nose and buttons to give the final look of a snowman.

Age Group: 4-7 years


20. Never Ending Love For Slime

Image Source/Tutorial: Little Bins For Little Hands

Don’t just make slime festive; add music to it. The perfect blend of retaliation and a festive theme to make. Kids love it and adults can’t resist joining in it too. These slime DIY is super simple only takes few seconds to make.

How To Make: Take gold and silver glitter slimes to add with golden and silver jingle bells.

Age Group: 5-10 years


21. Personal Greeting Card Reindeer Puppets

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Craft Room


Puppet plays are educational and a lot of entertaining to play. And kids love puppet plays. Let’s include their love for puppets creatively with a Christmas theme. This time we are going to make reindeer puppet greeting cards. That they can give to their friends and teachers as wishing merry Christmas and a Happy New ear.

How To Make: Trace champagne glass pattern and deer horns in a craft paper cut them out and stick them together. Glue buttons as eyes and nose and draw a mouth. Add with little jingle bells and a post note to write your message.

Age Group: 3-5 years


22. Hanging Christmas Tree Ornament

Image Source/Tutorial: Twitchetts

These are the easiest and mess-free Christmas decorations one could make. Children nowadays are impatient they don’t want to spend much time doing one thing only. Here’s the perfect craft just for them. It literary takes less time and how easy it is to craft is impeccable. After finishing this project you can directly hang to your tree beside your little Xmas decoration.

How To Make: Use white paper in a round shape as a globe and color construction paper in form of a triangle as a tree.

Age Group: 4-8 years


23. DIY Colorful Paper Lights

Image Source/Tutorial: Munchkin Time


Crafting DIYs is never tiring especially when it’s decorating for Christmas. These lights are created with craft paper and are very easy to make and decorate. the children love the way they help in creating decorations for Christmas. Hang these DIY paper lights in your Christmas tree, windows, or even a mantle.

How To Make: Grab a few color craft papers fold them in V shape and round shape glue them together and string them with a tread and it’s ready to hang.

Age Group: 5-8 years


24. Stocking For Christmas Presents

Image Source/Tutorial: Bugaboo City

We got the idea that both parents and kids love to participate. These handmade stockings gives a touch of a child’s creativity in your festive theme décor. It’s are great of asking present without being persistent. Children can make stockings for each of the family for Christmas.

How To make: Cut out templates in the shape of stockings and let the kids color what they want. Then tie two sides and create a stocking.

Age Group: 5-10 years


25. Toilet Paper Roll Funny Gingerbread Man And Woman

Image Source/Tutorial: Meaningful Mama

Teach your kids the use of recycling waste in a creative way. This gingerbread man and woman are classic decorations related to Christmas tradition. Naturally, we bake gingerbread cookies to eat but this time we are going to use them as part of Christmas decoration made out of toilet paper roll. So make your kids ready to make silly gingerbread.

How To Make: Use toiled paper roll in long shape and cut some hands and legs and make them wiggly like they are waving. Add googly eyes or make faces with crayons.

Age Group: 5-7 years


26. Crocks Rudolph Reindeer

Image Source/Tutorial: Vicky Barone

Another use of recycling is to add to your tree decoration. Rudolph reindeer is perfect to add beside your Santa Claus adornment.

How To Make: Use old crocks as reindeer face with googly eyes and pom-poms as the nose and sparkly pipe cleaners as their antlers.

Age Group: 5-9 years


27. Handprint Christmas Garland To Welcome Your guests

Image Source/Tutorial: My Name is Snickerdoodle

It’s almost Christmas time. The time of the year to hang beautiful garlands on your front doors, mantelpiece, and Christmas tree. So, this year why not décor it to make it more personalized. Help your child to make artistic cut-out handprint garland.

How To Make: Trace their hands-on craft paper, cut them out, place them in a circular shape, and add bows and pom-poms as decorations.

Age Group: 4-6 years


28. Treats For Reindeers

Image Source/Tutorial: Personal Creations

Christmas is around the corner. So kids need to be prepared for everything. Making cookies for Santa. But what about reindeers? Let’s make some fun treats for reindeers to feed. Sprinkle the oats with sugar pears and sweetness to look like magical snow on Christmas night.

How To Make: Use simple oats and edible sprinkles, glitter, sugar pearls to give reindeer treats a Christmas theme.

Age Group: 4-10 years


29. Paper Bag Reindeers

Image Source/Tutorial: Kid Friendly Things To Do


Kids always love to create. Don’t stop just creating a few things create as much as they want. This paper reindeer is such one of them and your child will never get bored of making this. These paper bag reindeer can be lunch bags or giving presents in them. It is convenient to make and purposeful for many things.

How To Make: Use brown paper bags, use googly eyes, pom-pom as the nose, and draw a mouth with a marker. And the final touch adds antlers just using thin tree branches.

Age Group: 7-10 years


I hope you would got some great DIY craft ideas through our blog that you want to make this Christmas with your family. This festive is all about enjoying and spreading happiness with others. So, enjoy and create easy Christmas DIY crafts and make tons of precious memories this season.


If you like these awesome Christmas craft ideas for young kids, then check out our latest craft ideas on our website.

 Which craft did you try to make? Leave your humble feedback in our comments section.

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