10 Christmas Salt Dough Keepsake Ornament Ideas

We have listed easy and amazing 10 Christmas salt Dough Keepsake Ornament ideas for you. Easy Salt Dough DIY Christmas  Keepsake Ornaments will prove to be the best gifts and decorative for this Christmas.

What’s the best Christmas keepsake you kept all these years? The answer would be making Christmas crafts, especially the salt dough ornaments. The salt dough ornaments don’t just last for many years if kept properly, but it holds all memories that you spent in making and celebrating Christmas.
The salt dough craft is easy to make and inexpensive with just a few ingredients that you can easily find in your pantry. It holds an emotional value that the store-bought gifts don’t have because of how much you spend your personal time and creativity investment into it, also including all the family members and your children lend their hands in making adorable Christmas salt dough ornaments. Sure! That’s going to be precious. And on top of that, it’s a great Christmas gift to your friends and your loved ones.

Grab your ingredients- salt, dough, water, and your favorite color and decorative items to start with the creation of these Christmas Salt Dough Keepsake Ornament Ideas with the Christmas theme.


10 Easy Salt Dough DIY Christmas Keepsake Ornaments To Make As Gifts This Year

1. Heart Shape Handprint Salt Dough Photo Frame Keepsake Christmas Ornament

Image Source/Tutorial: Teach-Me-Mommy

First, let’s start with a Christmas salt dough keepsake ornament idea that will be always remembered by the whole family throughout the years even in the upcoming years. Not it is practical it is the cutest and most precious Christmas salt dough ornament anybody can have. This handprint salt dough ornament in heart shape photo frame you can hang on top of your tree or you can gift as a Christmas present. It is just perfect for every occasion.

How To Create> Prepare your salt dough batter, use a heart shape cutter in the middle of salt dough, then trace the heart and cut it out. Press your child’s handprints side of the heart in form of heart shape. Remove all the excess salt dough, let it dry and color it. And lastly, paste your favorite memory in the salt dough photo frame.

Suitable For> 3-5 years 

2.  Handprint Santa Claus For The Christmas Tree Decoration

Image Source/Tutorial: Mommasociety

A Christmas without a Santa Claus is incomplete. And what’s better than keeping your toddler’s baby handprints in your Christmas tree to hang on. This idea is so adorable that every parent wants to have their baby’s handprint keepsake ornament for every Christmas. A fresh baked or air-dried salt dough Santa Claus in the shape of a baby handprint will be the very first ornament in your Christmas decoration tradition.

How To Create> Press your toddler’s hand on the prepared salt dough, leave it overnight to dry, or bake in the oven. First color the hand with white, then give a classic red hat and add details on the little Santa for the whole look.

Suitable For> 3-5 years

3. Handprint Peace Bird Ornament

Image Source/Tutorial: Mrsodaniels

This next Christmas salt dough keepsake ornament idea is for all peace lovers. A design that includes your kids and love for world peace. This easy salt dough handprint ornament bird is easy to create. And becomes a great present to gift to your loved ones this holiday season.

How To Create> First the color whole dry clay with white, then color the hand like a bird in blue and a little beak and eyes. And write word peace, decorate with creeping leaves and a touch of a bow to hang on the tree.

Suitable For> 2-4 years

4. Adorable Paw Prints For Our Fur Goofballs

These puppy paw print salt dough ornaments are SO CUTE!! And they're such a fun way to celebrate our furry friends! Such a sweet Christmas keepsake idea!

The next craft has to be one of the cutest and adorable Xmas salt dough ornaments idea in making. We love our fur puppies as our babies. They are not just a pet, they are our family. A family Christmas Tree without our dog’s keepsake would be incomplete. Our pets make our life complete.

How To Create> Press your dog’s paw in the salt dough, color it with sparkle pink, and add a bow. Dry the paint and it’s ready to be hung on the tree.

Suitable For> 2-6 years

5. A Snowman With His Carrot Nose

Image Source/Tutorial: Itsallinmyheadstefsblog

Do you want to build a snowman and incorporate it in your Xmas decoration? This simple salt dough Christmas ornament craft would make your wish come true. The snowman ornament gives your Christmas tree a character. With easy steps, one can make the cutest snowman to hang on trees.

How To Create> Use a circle cookie cutter, dry it and paint it white and black. Add another salt dough in the orange in the shape of a cone to give his carrot nose.

Suitable For> 3-8 years

6. Classic Gingerbread Man Salt Dough Ornament

Image Source/Tutorial: Treasureinanearthenvessel

Christmas trinkets in the shape of cookies, that sounds delicious!! Gingerbread cookies are a Christmas tradition. We usually bake it to eat but this year we are going to make it to decorate our house and tree. It is easier than baking cookies as you don’t need to bake. Just grab some cookie cutter in the shape of gingerbread and start making the most adorable Christmas salt dough gingerbread keepsake.

How To Create> Cut the salt dough with gingerbread shape cookie cutter, let it dry, color with brown, and add little outlines with white and a face and eyes.

Suitable For> 5-8 years

7. Handprint Salt Dough Mittens

Image Source/Tutorial: Funhandprintartblog

Our little ones can grow so fast in a blink of an eye. Here’s a perfect salt dough DIY that will help to capture the precious memories of their tiny hands. These little handprint keepsakes can be kept for long years to cherish their precious childhood days.

How To Create> Paint the whole mold with a sparkle blue tone. At the end glue cotton and a string of ribbon to give an illusion of woolen mittens.

Suitable For> 1-3 years

8. A Grumpy Grinch Salt Dough Ornament

Image Source/Tutorial: Fromabcstoacts

This next salt dough craft is all dedicated to all movie buff lovers. Who watch marathon Christmas movies as their tradition. The classic Grinch was a party spoiler who doesn’t like celebrating festive. But in reality, everybody loves the holiday season. Christmas is the season we all come together spend our days making interesting decorations as a family and enjoy every moment of it.

How To Create> Paint the top fingers with red, at center with white, and the bottom with green. Next, draw some eyes and a squiggly mouth.

Suitable For> 3-6 years

9. Footprint Christmas Reindeer Ornaments

Image Source/Tutorial: Funhandprintartblog

The footprint reindeer Christmas salt dough keepsake ornament idea is cute to hang and makes it more entertaining the most. Reindeer or you call it Rudolph helps Santa Claus to ride all over the world to give presents to the children on Christmas Eve. It’s an important part of Christmas décor and making our own is more fun.

How To Create> Imprint your child’s feet, press on the salt dough, dry it and paint it.

Suitable For> 2-7 years

10. Fingerprint Frame For Family Memories

Image Source/Tutorial: Teach-Me-Mommy

And lastly, at end of every Christmas Eve, we take a family photo to keep the memories forever with us. To make it more special, a personalized photo frame is better than a store-bought. You can proudly hang these photo frames for your Christmas tree, mantelpiece or can be given as a present.

How To Create> Take salt clay dough make it in a size of rectangle shape, color the whole clay dough, and decorate as you want.

Suitable For> 6-10 years

Making salt dough ornaments is a tradition for most families to do together before Christmas. And unique ornaments surely last forever. It’s a great way to include your children in participating in the Christmas holiday. They would love every moment of making the salt dough to finishing the final product with color. It makes them more creative and involves family time. So, let’s grab the cookie cutter and start making your salt dough Christmas ornaments.

If you liked the craft idea on salt Dough Christmas Ornament. Check out other creative DIY craft ideas on our website. If you got inspiration from our crafts, please share your thoughts in our comment section.

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