Easy Pipe Cleaner Animal Craft Ideas

Art can be made from anything, everything in the world hides some creative idea in it. So, here we present a very unique and weird material from which we carved out many new things. The material which we choose is a pipe cleaner, which sounds strange. But we can make some really interesting arts from it which are given below in this article.

By making such innovative arts, kids get to know about new things and enhance their artistic skills and creativity. So always encourage kids to use anything in their art so that they can use their minds to the fullest. Let’s explore some of the pipe cleaners’ ideas now.


Easy Pipe Cleaner Animal Craft Ideas

1. Cute Animal Couple

Pipe Cleaner Animal Crafts for Kids Cute Animal Couple
Image Source/Tutorial: mysocalledcraftylife.com

A beautiful animal couple can be made from the pipe cleaners too. This can be a gift from kids to the newlywed couple as a token of love. This will look very beautiful as kids will make this with their own hands and imagination.

2. Colorful Caterpillars

Pipe Cleaner Animal Crafts for Kids Colorful Caterpillars
Image Source/Tutorial: momeefriendsli.com

We can make such beautiful caterpillars from pipe cleaners. These caterpillars can be used as decoration pieces also in our homes. Also, they will have fun while making such art.

3. Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Pipe Cleaner Animal Crafts for Kids Pipe Cleaner Spiders
Image Source/Tutorial:  tangrila.blogspot.com

We can make spiders with the help of pipe cleaners and can use these in Halloween decorations. Beads and straws can be used to make it more attractive and colorful as given in the above picture.

4. Table Napkin Art

Pipe Cleaner Animal Crafts for Kids Table Napkin Art
Image Source/Tutorial: acraftyspoonful.com

At Kids’ parties, everything is unique and different. To make them more interesting we can have a unique table cloth cover like given in this picture. A creature with colorful hairs made of pipe cleaners will look very fascinating.

5. Fish Game Cover

Pipe Cleaner Animal Crafts for Kids fish-game-cover
Image Source/Tutorial: gluedtomycraftsblog.com

6. Pipe Cleaner Elephant

Pipe Cleaner Animal Crafts for Kids Pipe Cleaner Elephant
Image Source/Tutorial: pipecleaneranimals.com

An elephant can also be made from a pipe cleaner. Kids can make many animals using pipe cleaners and create their little forest dummy having a lot of animals and trees made from pipe cleaners and other waste products.

7. Beaded Dragonflies

Pipe Cleaner Animal Crafts for Kids Beaded Dragonflies
Image Source/Tutorial: iheartcraftythings.com

A pipe cleaner beaded dragonfly with glitter wings. Now, these can be used in kids’ night parties to give a unique effect to them. These flies can attach to string and tie that string in the wall to make them more beautiful.

8. Pipe Cleaner Honey Bee

Pipe Cleaner Honey Bee
Image Source/Tutorial: recycledreadsaustin.wordpress.com

A honeybee made of pipe cleaner with plastic wings. These can be used in our gardens to make them prettier and attractive. These can be attached to the pots and with flowers too.

9. Vivid Pom Poms

Vivid Pom Poms
Image Source/Tutorial: directorjewels.com

Pom Pom balls are very interesting and colorful. They can be used to make anything more beautiful as we use them in caps, keychains, etc. They are really easy to make, can be made by using pipe cleaners and wool too.

10. Lazy Turtles

Lazy Turtles
Image Source/Tutorial: skymagenta.com

Colorful turtles can be made from a pipe cleaner and can be used in gardens or in backyards to make them more attractive and nice looking.

11. Clothes Pin Crocodiles

Clothes Pin Crocodiles
Image Source/Tutorial: blissfuldomestication.com

In our homes, we have many items to use in our arts. In this art, we use a cloth pin and pipe cleaner to make a crocodile. This art converts a boring cloth pin into a colorful animal. Kids can make other animals also by using this idea.

12. Spoon Insect

Spoon Insect
Image Source/Tutorial: blessedbeyondadoubt.com

A cute little creature made from a spoon and pipe cleaner has two artificial eyes too. This is just a time pass creature which kids can make during their free time.

13. Cartoon Characters Art

Cartoon Characters Art
Image Source/Tutorial: momendeavors.com

Kids love cartoon and cartoon characters a lot. They spend their whole day sitting in front of T.V. and watching cartoons. So here we make a cartoon collection with pipe cleaners for kids to play with.

14. Pipe Cleaner Rabbits

Pipe Cleaner Rabbits
Image Source/Tutorial: linesacross.com

Rabbits with a carrot look very interesting and innovative. Now this will tell kids about rabbits too. By making different animals art, they will gain some extra knowledge about them also.

These are some ideas to make the best out of waste. These arts will insist on kids to make more new and innovative arts from others and build a competitive spirit in them. These little things can be kept as childhood memories also. This will productively utilize kids’ free time and keep kids away from electronic devices for some time.

I hope you all will like the article. Please give your reviews and comments.

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