Ladybug Crafts & Activities for Kids Who Love Bugs

In this article, we have tried to include easy and beautiful Ladybug Art and craft ideas for kids. Lady Beetles or ‘Our Lady’s bird’ are usually found in red, orange, pink, blue, brown, yellow and even in pure black or grey colors.

Small black or white spots are spread in the entirety of their body. They can have stripes, spots, patches, or might be unpatterned depending upon the species and its stage of development. This name “ladybird” is associated with the Virgin Mary occasionally known as “little messiah”, especially by Christians. Most ladybugs or coccinellids are round to elliptically shaped. A dome-shaped body with six legs, heads, hidden wings and prominent antennae is their characteristic identification feature. Exciting and picturesque as they are, it is quite fascinating to observe their everyday routine while sitting idle in the garden.

Are you lucky enough to have spotted a bunch of colourful bugs feasting on leaves and insects or walking down the lane beside you and your toddler? Now, it’s time to craft these pretty lady beetles into some easy colorful ideas. ‘Our lady’s bird’ looks interesting with some of the below-mentioned DIY craft designs that you can make with kids even with toddlers and preschoolers eager to learn more about them.


Ladybug Crafts & Activities for Kids

Toilet Paper Roll Innocent LadyBird

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Let’s start with the easiest one. A ladylike mannered Beetle with innocent eyes full of mischief! All we will need is a leftover toilet paper roll, black and red sheets of paper and a black marker. Of course, scissors and glue to put everything together. The best example of how to repurpose and transform waste paper into a beautiful ladybug seated on the table ready to whiz past you in no time.

Wooden Spoons and Cupcake Liners for LadyBug

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Nothing cuter for kids to be able to craft a ready-to-fly beetle independently. Materials required are a few red or orange cupcake liners, a thick black marker, three to four mini black pipe cleaners, some self-adhesive wiggle eyes, safety scissors, wooden spoons and double-sided tape to stick antennae and the wings to the basic structure. They are so beautiful to look at and once practiced these ladybird beetles spoon puppets help to explore kids their creative side.

Ladybeetles crafted by Apple Stamping

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An eyecatcher indeed! Craft supplies needed include an apple, a pair of scissors, red paint, paintbrushes, glue stick, black and a red marker. Additionally, you will require card stock paper in green and white colours. Then, print the ladybug head template on white paper. A great art and craft project idea to be carried out during holidays. This activity is pretty easy and enjoyable for toddlers as they will love stamping beetles on every other thing within their reach.

Rock Painted Ladybugs

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Must have painted small rocks in your childhood days and then pocketed them to share your creativity with friends and family. How about letting your kids indulge in nature activities with you by their side letting them paint their hearts out. You will need perfect-sized smooth rocks, posca pens red, black and white (painting pens for kids as they are easy to control and handy for detailing purposes), dark pencil, and finally a mod podge sealer to keep all colours in place. These stones can behave as exquisite showpieces or paperweights on office desks and work surfaces.

Corner Ladybird Bookmark with Origami

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Bug Lovers will be delighted to get their hands on the stepwise methodology of creating ladybug bookmarkers to save their pages and get back to reading from wherever they left in their beloved books. This fancy bookmarker is sure to steal hearts and is easy to experiment with. Origami craft paper in red, white and black are needed to begin paper folding. A black marker, glue and scissors will be required for drawing eyes and giving the final touch-ups. It will be done and dusted quickly without putting in too many efforts. A perfect trickster that helps in developing a kid’s reading habits.

Ladybug out of Recycled CD and Handprinting

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After pen drives came, Circular disks got out of fashion. In modern homes, many discarded CDs are not fit for any further use. With the help of these, we can shape up an original artistic work by capturing our little one’s handprints in them for a lifetime. All we will need is an old scratched CD or DVD unfit for use, Construction Paper( black and red), Black Acrylic Paint, glue, a pair of scissors and a black marker. you will have to assist your kid with proper tracing, painting and cutting of shapes. Besides reusing disks, this piece of craft will always remain close to your heart and a lifelong memoir of time spend with your child.

Striped Paper Dome-Shape Ladybug Craft

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In my opinion, the cutest craft item of the lot that also acts as a brilliant decor for your preschooler’s room. What we need is paper in red, black and white colours, safety scissors, stick glue and a black marker. We need to glue strips in a rounded manner carefully to the bottom surface until the dome looks full and place black dots evenly on the ladybug dome-shaped body. Oval-shaped googly eyes should be carved out neatly and perfectly drawn on the white paper for the desired cutesy look of ‘Our Lady’s bird’. A fantastic craft idea for beginners who have just grown habitual or comfortable with safety scissors.

Ladybug Headband or Hats making Craft

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Feeling naughty or playful? All set to scare off people with entomophobia and drive them nuts!?! Why chase a Ladybug if you can be one! Try working yourself first with the given set of instructions. Materials required include Ladybug Craft Template, Black, Red and Lime green Cardstock Paper, Printer Card, White Posca Pen, Adhesives, Wiggle Eyes, Scissors and Stapler with pins. With moving eyes, a big smile and black spotty wings, these DIY hats can be adjusted to suit any head size. Toddlers will enjoy wearing this and guests will become awestruck by such resourcefulness.

Sustainable Egg Carton LadyBeetles

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Ready to play games with ladybugs? All we need is a recyclable Egg carton, scissors, paintbrushes, red craft paint, black marker, pom poms for the head, googly eyes, pliers, Black chenille stems (pipe cleaners) and tacky glue to complete the list. Cut and pre-paint the carton cups to make the task of joining pieces together less time-consuming. You can make hundreds of adorable ladybeetles with these cups and play with your friends within a budget that will fit your pocket easily. They look so real when kept on a wooden bench in a garden!

Stitching an Adorable LadyBeetle Felt Brooch

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Want to introduce needles and threads to your child but don’t know from where to begin? Start with sewing simple stitches for completing these attractive soft and colourful felt-filled Ladybug Brooch. These are Supercute pocket-sized soft toys that company your children if you do not attach the brooch back pin to them. The procedure is not very easy and you will have to guide your child at every step in making. Innovate the patterns and designs on the outer fabric of the stuffed ladybeetle. Become the life of any party by revivifying the spirit of an old outfit by wearing these on!

Paper Weaved Ladybug as Wall Hanging

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A beautiful smile accompanied with red and white check patterned body plus happy googly eyes. To enhance hand and eye coordination and refine their fine motor skills, this wholesome craft project will put a child’s ability to test and reinforce his or her creative skillset. Collect red, black and white card stock paper, red paint pen, scissors, black marker and a glue stick. Print the Ladybug template out first and then start tracing shapes on the coloured stock papers. Weaving strips of paper in and out of the slits is quite an engaging task and kids love it! These Beautiful Bugs as wall and fridge hangings in your homes will surely take aback your guests by surprise.

Playful Coffee Filter Ladybird

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The creation of this coffee filter Ladybird will majorly require round white coffee filters, wooden clothespins, washable markers, googly eyes, Craft Paint, paintbrushes, cardboard, Spray Bottle, Chenille Stems(pipe cleaners), black Pom Poms, scissors and tacky craft glue. A perfect fun activity for kindergartners that can be later used for educating children about Ladybugs. It’s rather interesting to watch colours diffuse, blend and dry revealing the final tinted-shaded look. These ladybugs can be clipped anywhere to hover around in the blowing wind or can be used to decorate the top of a gift bag.

Potatoes and Fingerprints Stamped Ladybeetles

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Ever tried stamping with potatoes? It’s joyful indeed! Dipping fingers in paint is every other child’s ecstasy. Here we will use potato for stamping the beetle’s body and black paint for dipping the fingers. Thumb stamping for making heads and imprinting fingers on the ladybeetle body for spots. All we need is white card stock paper, potatoes, red and black paints. These stamps can be used to beautify cards, personal postcards and book leaflets with colorful paints you love the most.

Ladybug Assembly using Puzzle pieces and Feathers

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Fond of solving puzzles? Then you must have leftover pieces of long-solved puzzles in your home. Lets, try to make something new and exciting out of these futile pieces. Gather three puzzle pieces each for every ladybug, Red and Black markers, 1/16th hole puncher, blackbird feathers and coloured brass fasteners. Kids of any age can try their hands creating on these artful pieces, only punching holes would be your responsibility. You can create as many ladybugs you want out of puzzle pieces, beating wings around ready to take off as soon as possible.

Ladybug Slime Recipe for Decorations

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If your kids love making moulds out of clay or dough balls, they will definately like slime too. You yourself might have used slime for making science projects in our school or college.  I think a stretchy, squishy homemade slime to which we can add red colorants and glitter alongside some black mini pom-poms. Knead and wait for the perfect Red Slimy Ladybug Look you are vouching for and decorate it with some false small ladybugs.

Recycling Jars with Themed Ladybug Lid

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Transform an empty boring glass jar into a magnetic ladybug catcher! Yes, you heard that right. An easy and fun-filled kids’ craft activity that gets your kids to stroll around under the open sky,  searching and examining the varieties of bugs or insects present around them. A ladybird theme has been painted to the lid of the jar whereas 3D elements like antennae and wiggle eyes have been stuck to this lid making it look even more convincing and real. You will need a glass jar with a lid, acrylic paint in red and black, paintbrushes, black chenille stem(pipe cleaner), googly eyes, glue and the basic black permanent marker or paint pen. Finally, don’t forget to personalize your jar by naming it and do observe bugs through the glass to know more about them.

Upcycled Bowl Ladybug in your Garden


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Old scratched bowls or any plastic container would serve our purpose. You can even use bowls of mismatched shapes and sizes to complete a ladybug family or show the variety in them. It is one of the simplest gardening crafts, especially for kindergartners. Can be used to decorate any table or shelf for a party! Supplies needed include a Large coloured plastic bowl of your choice, Black craft paper or black foam paper, pen, large wiggle eyes, black pipe cleaner(chenille stem), a white paint pen pair of scissors, hot glue gun and hot glue sticks. In no time, you will get ready with a smiley ladybird waiting to welcome you!!!

Painted Ladybeetles making way through the garden

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Rock painting or stones painting is something that doesn’t fade or wash off in the sun’s light, rains and persistent snow. Apart from acting as a perfect painting surface, rocks are of various sizes and shapes are freely and available in abundance to experiment with. In fact, we can create an entire loveliness or army of ladybugs trekking their way under the bushes in all possible colours in our greenhouse or backyard. Remember to make sure that no one picks these stones and walks away with them! You will realize with time that these adorable and super cute bugs were surely worth the effort!

Ladybugs are believed to be talismans of good luck, love and protection cross-culturally throughout the globe. Every coloured bug has a well-known superstition added to it with the same common notion that “Great fortune is soon to be bestowed on the person if a ladybird accidentally lands on them”. Of all insects known, people are least repulsive towards a Ladybug and avoid killing them by all means to the utmost extent possible.

These creative bug crafts mostly use recyclable and non-essential products. Yet, they do help us in creating a lively and animated home. Bug lovers and those who believe that bugs bring good luck to them should try the above-mentioned ideas without a second thought. Grab this chance to spend some quality time with your family and kids on the pretext of making beautiful Ladybugs.

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