Easy Cat Crafts for Kids – Cute DIYs To Do At Home

So you might be a cat lover? Or are you finding cute cat craft ideas for your child’s pet theme birthday party? Or are you planning to decorate your toddler’s room using a cat theme? Well, Whatever your reason might be, this is the perfect place for you to land. With 17 extremely easy and cute kitty crafts for kids, you can get creative! Happy crafting to you.

Art education has been considered the primary pathway to learning skills like the discovery of aesthetics and creativity with minimal object use and more thinking skills. Art is like expressing human ideas and innovations through creative ideas. Crafts have always been fun activities for kids. What’s more fun than learning while playing!? Nowadays art and craft have been made mandatory for kindergarten kids for the essential development of their gross and fine motor skills and for encouraging creativity in them. The creative side is very necessary to flourish during childhood. Art and craft is in general the practice of making objects by one’s own hands with simple folding methods.

These easy cat crafts are based on a pet theme. Cat themes to be specific. It provides cat craft ideas for kids by providing printable paper and craft templates, craft ideas, and craft kits. This papercraft teaches about DIY hacks as well as the creation of DIY cats, Halloween cats, and other crafting related to cat themes. It is prescribed that these paper cat craft ideas must be taught to kids.

Following are some extremely creative and beautiful ideas based on the pet theme that can be adopted and taught to children at home.


Easy Cat Crafts for Kids

1. Paper Roll Pen Stand

This beautiful pen stand is made out of recycled cardboard paper using papercraft. It is an easy cat craft for kids having a cat theme. It is very useful for kids because it helps them in organizing their pencils, sketch colors, crayons, craft items like scissors, scales, etc. This paper roll pen stand is very creative and children get to learn the art of organizing, sorting, and cleanly managing things. It is very easy to make through craft kits and paper templates and the help of elders can be taken for the cutting part.

Image Source/Tutorial: hellowonderful.co

2. Cat Craft Jewellery

Another easy cat crafts for kids is the construction of decorative jewelry. Making a macaroni necklace is one of the favorite tasks of kids. Eating macaroni is fun and when you make creative ideas out of them, it becomes more enjoyable. You can prepare dinner while kids can apply their creativity to macaronies. What a great idea for family bonding! The procedure is quite simple. The macaronies can be painted carefully using different vibrant colors. After drying they can be put together in a thread and a beautiful, colorful cute cat necklace is ready. This artwork helps the child to develop his fine motor skills by practicing threading.

Image Source/Tutorial: pbs.org

3. Bobble-Head Craft

It is a very old age saying that black cats bring bad luck to lives. They are considered as the spies of witches and their presence can turn everything into a stroke of bad luck and make the lives of people miserable. Well, that’s not believed in today’s practical world. So, the creation of this Halloween cat bobblehead using the paper folding method can help in creativity and also teach the children that black cats are just like any other ordinary cats and the superstitious mindset can be brought to an end. It will prove to be a very easy cat craft idea for kids. Bobblehead craft can be used as a decorative piece in art rooms, homes, and even offices.

Image Source/Tutorial: firefliesandmudpies.com


4. Paper Crafting

These cat-faced papercraft items look so adorable, isn’t it?  They are very easy to make with the use of very minimal items which mostly consist of craft kits for kids and printable cat craft templates. This procedure is not complex and can be made with very little guidance. The basic requirement is the printable cat worksheet which will be cut and pasted together. Then they will be painted and given the final shape of these cute little cats. It is very creative and should be made for fun and learning.

Image Source/Tutorial: simpleeverydaymom.com

5. 3-D cat using paper strips

This 3-D paper cat craft is obtained out of the paper strips. It is an extremely intelligent way of teaching the concept of 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D figures to children. The process of construction of this 3-D cat is quite easy. Firstly, a black scrapbook page must be cut down into various strips and then they all must be pasted together to obtain the given figure. Finally, eyes, mouth, and ears must be cut down separately and pasted altogether using a craft kit.  It looks very beautiful and helps a child in understanding the folding and joining method of crafting. It can be used as a decorative on Halloween or pet week.

Image Source/Tutorial: easypeasyandfun.com

6. Tissue paper plate cat craft

Making art and craft items out of waste is one of the best management skills which is taught through art and craft. It is one of the DIY ideas. It is not only limited to kids but even adults carry out various workshops to make the best out of waste. Competitions and workshops are conducted at the senior level as well. It is made using the paper plate in which the black part is made out of the tissue and the googly eyes are pasted on them. It looks very adorable and is easy to make.

Image Source/Tutorial: ourkidthings.com

7. Wooden cats using DIY

Instead of throwing out the waste, they can be made of creative use.  Such as the use of pieces of the wooden blocks that are not used after the construction part. The following creative cats are made using such pieces of wooden blocks using DIY techniques.  DIY is an activity of repairing things on our own at the home level. It stands for ‘Do It Yourself. Thus to construct these cats, the wooden blocks are painted black and then pasted together using strong glue so that they don’t fall out. Then, the eyes and mouth are painted on them using paint colors. These wooden cute cats can be used as a showpiece during pet week or as Halloween cats at Halloween party and they give a very cute look to the area.

Image Source/Tutorial: amber-oliver.com


8. Adorable cat-faced bookmark

Kids love listening to stories and poems when it is read out loud to them. It improves their listening skills and concentration power. Every household has storybooks for kids so these cute bookmarks can be used as the page marker which looks nice and helpful to determine where they left off. Creating these bookmarks is very easy and fun. It is a paper cat craft for kids and. A large strip of brown paper is cut and the googly eyes are stick on it. Then the pink nose, lips, and mustache are drawn too. I would be attracted and forced to read a book if it had such a cute cat DIY bookmark on it.

Image Source/Tutorial: teatimemonkeys.com

9. Cute elastic band book closure

The elastic rubber band book closure is an elastic band that is used to keep the notebooks fixed and closed without the fear of its pages getting turned or folded when left unattended. These elastic bands are useful and made creative by adding cute cat stickers upon them to enhance their look. These cat crafts for kids can be made with the use of paper and a craft template that is printable. These cat-faced pages must be cut and eyes & nose must be drawn on them. It should be stick to the elastic book band and used as a DIY paper cat craft. Pretty, isn’t it!?

Image Source/Tutorial: happinessishomemade.net

10. Paper cat craft on recyclable plate

This crafting technique of papercraft is very famous and it is used the most. Talking about easy cat crafts for preschoolers, how can we not mention paper plate crafting. Making the use of paper plates to create a fun creative ideas is dominant in the world of art and craft. This paper plate cat is made by cutting the paper plate and painting it. A special point to notice is that very little doodling is done over it. Everything is done with pasting. The mustache is made using white woolen threads. The pink nose is cut and pasted, googly eyes are stick. This is a very easy craft idea for kids to make and must be added to their art education.

Image Source/Tutorial: iheartcraftythings.com

11.  Handprint Crafting

As kids, we all have tried to trace the outlining of our hands and it will be very appropriate to call it an easy cat craft for kids. It is such fun activity and one of the best crafts ideas. These given cats are made by the same procedure of tracing the hands on a black sheet and then cutting it. The round shape of the cat’s face is cut further from the same black sheet and stick to the handprint and then the eyes, nose, paws, and mouth are doodled over it. Boom! our handprint black paper cat is ready.

Image Source/Tutorial: easypeasyandfun.com

12. Japanese art of Origami

Origami is taken from the Japanese culture. Origami is the art of folding paper. It was traditionally taught in Japan as papercraft and later spread to other parts of the world. In this technique of crafting, the origami papers are folded and different figures are obtained out of them. The main goal of teaching origami is to culminate a flat square paper into a finished figure through folding and sculpting methods.

All these cute little cat faces are made by the same procedure of folding the origami sheet and then doodling art has been done. This activity helps in the movement of hand muscles of children leading to the development of gross motor skills.

Image Source/Tutorial: fatmumslim.com.au

13. Best out of waste crafts

Recycling is one of the three Rs of environmental safety. It is being highly encouraged all over the globe to protect mother nature. It is taught through art and craft by using recyclable material as the basic ingredient/ item for crafting. For instance, the following pen/ pencil stands are made out of recycled bottles by applying DIY on them. The plastic bottle’s head was chopped off and the lower part is taken. It is painted into the pink and white shade and the cute DIY cat figures are drawn over it. Thus, these stands can be used to keep all stationery products including pens, pencils, tapes, scissors, colors, etc.

Image Source/Tutorial: livinglocurto.com

14. Beautiful cat coasters

These coffee mug coasters are so perfect example of DIY. These are made out of cloth material and easy cat craft ideas for kids. Plus, the cute cat figures look adorable. They are kept under the glass or the coffee mugs which prevent the unwanted slipping of mugs and glasses. These are perfect placements and can also be used as a gift to those who love to drink coffee and tea and who love pets.

Image Source/Tutorial: bakerross.co.uk

15. Cat sling bag with ribbon sling

This cute little DIY sling bag is made out the ribbon and velvety cloth material. It can be used to store any items while traveling. It is easy to handle and easy to make. The best part is its string which is made up of baby pink ribbon and attached to it for making it easy to carry without getting the fists occupied. The looks of the cute cat make it look even prettier. Easy to make and handy in nature.

Image Source/Tutorial: frugalfun4boys.com

16. DIY cat mugs

DIY is a very common form of art and craft idea. It is very convenient and can be practiced with everyday things available in all households. These cute cat-themed cups are doodled and look very beautiful. They can be created by DIY method and craft kits. Paints/acrylic paints are necessary. These pet themes can be applied to cups, mugs, glasses, or bottles of kids.

Image Source/Tutorial: flamingotoes.com

17. Halloween cat decoration

Cat has been associated with Halloween. People believe that on the day of Halloween, the dead rises and try to return to their homes. These deads shelter in the body of black cats and they are seen as bad luck. Following is the set of Halloween cats that are used for decoration purposes on Halloween. They are made using paper and craft templates that are printable. DIY is used by using cardboard rolls. Halloween craft is evident with the pet theme.

Image Source/Tutorial: apieceofrainbow.com

We can see that how the art and craft ideas are made into effect. It provides the perfect pet-themed craft where the different sides of a cat are shown such as the cute cat and the Halloween cat. This paper cat craft presents the perfect craft ideas for kids for their cognitive development. It teaches them DIY ideas, craft ideas and teaches them about pets as well. Almost 38% of the world population have pets so these paper cat craft ideas can be used as a pet theme on pet week. The Halloween cat can be used on the occasion of the Halloween day celebration. Thus all these creative and easy cat crafts for kids are a must-try idea.  These are all printable paper and craft templates and can be easily created using craft kits that are available in markets.

Which one was your favorite cat craft idea for kids? Let us know in the comment section.

For more creative ideas about art education and craft-related topics, visit other posts on our website and let us know your query to serve you in the future. Thank you.

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