Easy Bookmark Crafts for Kids

If you are true of books you must try these cheesy and beautiful bookmarks.

We have listed 19 amazing super easy and super fun bookmark craft ideas for kids which will be your kid’s greatest craft activity. Happy crafting to you!

Bookmarks are needed for every book lover. With bookmarks, you can save shortcuts to your favorite pages and navigate to them in seconds from where you left before. You might have lots of books and a different bookmark for each book will really enhance your bookshelf.

Today we are back again with some awesome easy bookmarks crafts for kids.  Kids must try these as they are very easy and looks awesome. These will encourage your children to read books.


Easy Bookmark Crafts for Kids

1. Halloween Bat Bookmarks:

Image Source/Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

If you’re throwing a Halloween party and the kids need an easy project to make then let them make these special Halloween Bat Corner Bookmarks. This would be a fun craft for the little ones.

All you need is black origami paper, eye stickers, white paper, scissors, glue, and a pencil.

2. Pokeball Bookmark:

Image Source/Tutorial: bigfamilyblessings

Kids love the show Pokémon and I am sure they will love these Pokeball bookmarks too. For making all you have to do is take a square paper fold it in such a way that it connects with the opposite diagonal. After this, you’ll get a triangle-shaped paper,  again fold the bottom right corner to the top corner and repeat the same for the left corner too.

Unfold the folded corners and again you see a triangle. Fold the front top corner with the bottom corner creating a pocket between 2 layers of paper. fold up the corners again. Turn over the paper and draw or paste some details of the Pokeball and the Pokeball bookmark is ready.

3. Finger Knitted Bookmarks:

Image Source/Tutorial: thecrafttrain

Self-knitted bookmarks are a little bit tough to make for kids if trying first them, but if you keep trying I am damn sure kids are going to enjoy making these self knitted bookmarks. For making this bookmark you just need a yarn use your fingers and thumb, create an eight loop and repeat one after another lift the bottom loop over the top and slide it to the end of your finger, and do the same with the second finger.

clamped the end between your thumb and the palm of your hand. Give it a soft tug. Continuously repeat this technique to the length you want to make of your bookmark. At the end just attach or glue a beautiful template or a drawing on the top of the knitted yarn.

4. Monster Bookmark:

Image Source/Tutorial: kidscraftroom

Monster bookmark is really very scary but many of the kids like ghost stories and ghost crafts. So to make this scary monster bookmark cut out a fur fabric approximately 30cm x 20cm. Fold it so that it will look fluffy from both sides. Glue googly eyes and a paper drawing teeth to the face and foot on the bottom of the fabric. Don’t forget to glue two sharp horn drawing to the bookmark.

5. Winter Penguin Bookmark:

Image Source/Tutorial: messylittlemonster

Penguin with a cap really makes your book look so authentic. Begin it by cutting a penguin template. Cut down the body, foot, wings, beak, and face separately. Glue all the parts altogether.

Paste the bottom of the flippers in such a way that they will be able to go over the top of a page to mark where you have got to. Finish the bookmark by adding some details to the penguin bookmark craft.

6. Bunny Bookmark:

Image Source/Tutorial: thecrafttrain

These head-spinning bunny bookmarks would be a good source of fun for kids of all ages. Making these bunny bookmarks is quite easy and would take just 10 to 15 minutes. Cut out the shape of the bunny into two parts, first its head and front legs as shown and second the bottom part. Then paste this two one over the other leaving space underneath. Another way to make it is by cutting directly from a printed template. The link is in the image shown above. 
Your cute funny Bunny bookmark is ready to use and play with. Enjoy your Bunny bookmark.

7. Teddy face Bookmark:

Image Source/Tutorial: creativefamilyfun

For making such a bookmark you just need a white piece of paper draws a teddy on it cut it off. Draw U shape paper paste to the teddy by just gluing on the upper side of the body, Don’t paste U shape paper to the body completely as we need that it can come over a page.  Finish the work by adding details to the teddy face bookmark.

8. Designer Tape Bookmark:

Image Source/Tutorial: typicallysimple

This simple and easy bookmark takes just 4-5 minutes. You just need to take a paper cut it in a rectangle shape. Take designer tapes of your choice. Tape the sheet according to your convince. Make a hole on the top of the paper.

Personalize the bookmark with some letters or words. Tie  4-5 inch ribbon to the bookmark.

9. Watercolor Bookmark:

Image Source/Tutorial: dailydiylife

Take a piece of paper paint it in the way you want. Punch a hole on the top of a paper tie a ribbon to it. Write a quote or some inspirational words to make it look more beautiful. If required you can make some drawings too so that the bookmark.

10. Corner Bookmark:

Image Source/Tutorial: typicallysimple

Corner bookmarks are very helpful in opening a page where you ended reading last. You just need a paper or a foam paper cut in two similar triangles. Sew them from two sides and let the third side be let as it is.  Tie the buttons or star buttons to the bookmark. And now the corner bookmark is ready to be used.

11. Flower Blossom Bookmark:

Image Source/Tutorial: darcyandbrian

In this upcoming spring season, it would be very fascinating for the kids to make these beautiful flowers.
It would be a very interesting and fun activity of 10 to 15 minutes. Cut out your traced petals and tulips. For the tulip bookmark, glue tulip, large flower petals onto the top of the colored popsicle stick. Then stick the smaller petals on top of the larger petals.

At last, glue the button of your choice at the center. Give it time to dry. Your beautiful tulip flower blossom bookmark is ready!

12. Harry potter Bookmark:

Image Source/Tutorial: redtedart

Who is not a fan of Harry Potter? Every kid loves Harry Potter!! These Harry Potter bookmarks are very easy to make for kids of all ages. Cut your Paper Strips in Harry Potter House Colors. Now, secure your first strips for weaving the bookmark, using your glue stick or double-sided sticky tape. Add the second Harry Potter House Color.

Then add your 4 strips for weaving. Start Weaving. When you reach the end of your bookmark, secure the last pieces of paper with some more glue and cut the edges. Your amazing Harry Potter bookmarks are ready, choose the house you want and enjoy!!!

13. Super Hero Bookmarks:

Image Source/Tutorial: craftsbyamanda

This bookmark craft idea is very easy to make. You just need ice cream sticks, a marker pen, and watercolor. Paint the sticks in the way you want. Draw the superhero you like.

14. Emoji Bookmark:

Image Source/Tutorial: redtedart

All you need is yellow colored paper to make an emoji bookmark. Cut the paper into a square, fold the paper to make a triangle. Cut off the excess and rotate your triangle so that the long edge is at the bottom and the right angle is facing up. Fold the right corner and the left corner to the top corner.

After these unfold the fold. As a next step fold the front top corner to the bottom corner. Now fold the flaps you created back up and tuck them into your bookmark and repeat the same for other corners too. Cut out a circle and paste the triangle we formed into it. After this feature your emoji as per your choice.

15. Ribbon Bookmark:

Image Source/Tutorial: mybusybeehives

This craft is very easy to make so for this we need a ribbon, a stitch to close in the end with the elastic band and stitch a button to the other hand. this is a craft of just 2 minutes and you will get the result.

16. Tie Dye Bookmark:

Image Source/Tutorial: happyhooligans

Take an old bookmark which is in a long strip shape. Color the bookmark with the messy drawing all around the bookmark. Drop some drops of the alcohol so that the color spreads throughout. Let it dry. Once the bookmark is dried punch a hole on the top and tie yarn to it. Also, tie a beautiful button or a decorative bead.

17. Corner Space Bookmark:

Image Source/Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

For making the corner space bookmark you just need a space printable template. Cut down the template as shown in the above picture. Color the space with pencil colors. Paste the template and now the space bookmark is ready to use.

18. Pikachu Bookmark:

Image Source/Tutorial: pinkstripeysocks

Take a piece of yellow paper outlining a Pikachu. Decorate the bookmark with the permanent marker and circle stickers. once the permanent marker drawing dries cut the Pikachu. And you are all set to use the Pikachu bookmark.

19. Minion Bookmark:

Image Source/Tutorial: thebestideasforkids

For it just draws a minion on yellow paper. For detailing either use the colored markers or you can use different colored papers. glue a googly eyes and the Minion bookmark is ready to use.

20. Unicorn Bookmark:

Image Source/Tutorial: diythought

For this beautiful unicorn bookmark cut down a strip from a cardstock. Draw eyes and pink blushing chicks with a marker. take another paper to make ears and glue it on the top of the cardstock. After all this paste a designer tape or an adhesive fabric in between the cardstock sheet.

You can keep it simple or can glue some stones or yarn to show the hair of the unicorn on the top of the unicorn bookmark.

These are 19 super cool bookmarks for booklovers. Try all these or try your favorite bookmarks among these. Hope you like these. Stay connected with us for more art and craft ideas.

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