Matching Upper and Lower Case Puzzle Game Cards

Basic question raise in mind about the puzzle. The puzzle means a tricky task. Even elder people, parents get tired while solving and rest their case. Now point is, how these puzzles are good for your kids. Preschooler or other standards don’t know about what is a puzzle and all but if they meet with it, they look interested, that maze will figure out skillfully.

Puzzles are a crucial technique or tool for academic learning. What are the benefits behind solving puzzles:

  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Sentimental skills like patience
  • Cognitive skills
  • Creates questions and curiosity
  • Solving attitude

Upper and lower case puzzles are fun elements for kids as well as for parents, teachers and homeschoolers. The regular practice of puzzle-solving and identifying letters can assist your kid’s development. Look at the below puzzles step by step and let’s talk about how to solve them.

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Matching Upper and Lower Case Puzzle Game Cards


Puzzle of A & B

Puzzle of C & D

Puzzle of E & F

Puzzle of G & H

Puzzle of I & J

Puzzle of K & L

Puzzle of M & N

Puzzle of O & P

Puzzle of Q & R

Puzzle of S & T

Puzzle of U & V

Puzzle of W & X

Puzzle of Y & Z

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