Modes of Transportation Flashcard Sheets

In the early days, people used to travel on foot to move from one place to another. When a small means of transportation was developed people began to travel by wagon. With the advancement of deftness and technology, different modes of transportation are used now such as Cycle, Cars, Bikes, Scooters, Buses, Trains, Ships, Boats, and Airplanes.

In this edition, we have brought some Flashcards relating to “MODES OF TRANSPORT” that will help your child to learn the names of different types of means of transportation. The means of carrier provides people as well as the products to be transported from one place to another as quickly as possible. We choose the transportation on the basis of the distance to be progressed, the price involved, and the time is taken.

Transportation Mode Flashcards

The first sheet below has certain modes of Transportation like Fire Truck, Rocket, Bike, Scooter, Bus, Car, Tug Boat, and Train. With the exception of Rocket and Ship, these all are land transports. Land transport is more affordable, economical, and it is the most popular means of transporting Human beings and products from one place to another.

Rocket is an Air Transport which goes to space and is particularly expensive. It is the duty of the parents to tell these important facts to their children. Whereas Tug Boat is a Water Transport, for covering short areas and to move a large number of goods to faraway regions.

Modes of Transportation Flashcard Sheets

The second sheet has transports like Airplane, Helicopter, Hot Air Balloon, Taxi, and a Boat. In earlier days, pets were used as a means of transportation. The carts were pulled by bullocks, horses, and Elephants. They were used to move people and goods from one place to another. Now we rarely see these things. In modern times, we see Air and Water transport.

These means of transportation help the products and people to be moved in a very short span of time also helps in the maintenance of the balance of demand and supply. Children will be able to recognize different modes of transportation and the means used for each form. Children will learn more about the different transport modes and what makes them unique from the other types of vehicles.

Modes of Transportation Flashcard Sheets

Once the kid has gone through the flashcards, ask him to name different transport modes, and where can he find these vehicles. This will improve his memory and vocabulary skills.
So, download these free printable flashcards now.

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