Solar System Flashcard Sheets

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The solar system is a very important part of science as learning about planets and stars plays a very vital role in the learning journey of children. Parents try every possible way to make their child’s learning interesting so that they can learn with full concentration. To make this thing possible Kidpid is here with an amazing study booklet that will help to teach children about the various planets and objects used in space.  The study material includes a worksheet of vibrant flashcards. these flashcards include the name of the planets like Jupiter, moon, Neptune, Saturn, mercury sun, earth, etc. It also includes various space objects like rockets, astronauts, meteoroids, stars, etc. The flashcards include names of the space objects along with beautiful pictures that can easily grab the attention of the children and create eagerness in them to learn. The beautiful pictures also reduce the risk of creating any kind of confusion in a child’s mind. The study material is suitable for the small kids of pre-primary and first grade. With Kidpid ‘s amazing solar system Flashcards, young children can experience the space world in a very interesting and fun manner.


Solar System Flashcards

Solar System Flashcard- 1

Solar System Flashcard Sheets

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Solar System Flashcard Sheets

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