Empty & Full Worksheets for Kindergarten – Free Printables

As kids learn new words, it’s important that they have a good understanding of their meanings as well. At this age children are very perceptive and learning comes naturally to them. However by using creative worksheets learning can happen in a fun way. In the following worksheets we will focus on the concept of empty and full through easy examples.

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Empty & Full Worksheets for Kindergarten

The activity is to cross out the empty item. Kids can identify the items and accordingly complete the worksheet.

Colours help children to easily understand what the image is trying to say and ultimately help in understanding the concept. Make sure to cross out the empty items!

Bowls and cups  are regular items that all kids have used. Familiar items allow children to relate to what they’re learning and that increases their interest.

Kids of the new generation have grown up with smart devices and looking at familiar icons makes learning concepts easier for them.

Kids can easily recognize the items in the images and call them out. This will help them recall words they’ve already learnt while learning new concepts.


A fridge and fruits – these are very closely related to each other. Kids can recognize this similarity as they classify the items as empty and full.

Most children show keen interest in animals. This worksheet is sure to hold their attention and help them learn.

The items in this worksheet can be easily found in anyone’s surrounding and this will help kids remember concepts very well.

Learning the concept of empty and full is very easy. The most important task is to practice using the words with kids. A combination of practical examples and worksheets will help children learn in a fun and interesting way.

So, don’t wait longer. Download, print and get started today!

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