Parts Of Speech Booklet


Getting basic knowledge of grammar is very important for young children. But when it comes to teaching young learners it becomes a difficult task for the parents to find suitable study material for their children that not only teaches them but also makes their learning interesting. By taking this thing into consideration Kidpid is here with an amazing study material that contains parts of speech. This booklet includes everything that a young learner should learn. This booklet includes nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, Prepositions, etc. In this booklet, the topics are presented in the easiest way along with beautiful pictures and examples to make it convenient for young children to learn and understand their meaning.

With Kidpid’s amazing booklet children can easily learn and enjoy their learning process. When children learn with full interest the probability of effective learning and good concentration increases automatically, which leads to better academic performance and growth in children. So give your child a cool experience with Kidpid’s fun learning study material that will make their grammar learning journey more fun and interesting.


Parts Of Speech Book

Parts Of Speech Book Cover


Noun Parts Of Speech 


Pronoun Parts Of Speech


Verb Parts Of Speech


Adjective Parts Of Speech


Adverb Parts Of Speech


Preposition Parts Of Speech


Conjunctions Parts Of Speech


Interjections Parts Of Speech

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