Rainbow Coloring Pages for Kids

Coloring is something every kid loves, so we have bought some printable rainbow coloring pages to teach your kid about colors but in more of a fun way.

Rainbows are something that is the right and easy thing for kids to draw. Children can use this to pass their time or build something in their extracurricular activities. Beside, coloring the rainbows they would get to learn so much about and that is why in this article we have bought you some rainbow coloring pages that you can refer your kid for drawing. So, let’s get started.


Rainbow Coloring Pages

The Colors of a Rainbow

You can start by teaching the very colors of the rainbow and to do that just print and hand them the above coloring pages. Explain them the seven colors of the rainbow and familiarize them with the drawing by handing them the respective colors. This can be a very fun way of teaching them.

Rain, Rainbow & the Sun


The next coloring page idea is the rain, rainbow and the sun. Print this coloring page with rain, rainbow and sun in it and explain your kid how they are interconnected. Help them understand how the cause of rain give birth to rainbow and in what manner the sun play its partbow.

St. Patrick’s Day Rain

The next idea of a rainbow coloring page is the St. Patrick’s Day rainbow. This has a very interesting story behind it where he ventured Ireland to instigate people to convert their religion to Christian. Explain the importance that St. Patrick’s Day rainbow holds some exciting coloring pages.

Color the Rainbow

After you have helped your kids in identifying the colors of the rainbow, now is the time to color the rainbow. The above coloring picture is in reference to the regular shape of the rainbow so teach them the same. By helping them learn this, you are exploring the beauty of the rainbow

Color the Rainbow & Birds

Ostrich are birds that are featherless and have really long necks and beside this, they can run rally fasts. So, help your kid in learning how fast an ostrich can run, chances are that he might get inspired from it and later become a sports player. Therefore, along with the rainbow, provide your kid with a picture of an ostrich and send inspiration on his or her way.

Sun, Windmill & Rainbow

Show them a beautiful representation of sun, windmill and rainbow by helping them coloring the above picture. Teach them about nature and the essence of it, the use of windmills, the multifaceted creation behind and more. Pour them with these exciting facts so that they enjoy and learn.

Parrot & Rainbow

Explain your kids the beauty of birds by taking parrots as an example. To bring out a variation in their coloring, teach them about coloring birds. Teach them the beauty and the color of the parrots and the high they fly in the sky. These all will come in handy as they grow up and will eventually learn more of it.

Sun, Rainbow & Clouds

Help your kids in visualizing how great and beautiful it will look when sun, rainbow and clouds come in a single picture together. This can be done by using the above image reference as rainbow coloring images. It will deeply help them in understanding the beauty of how nature works.

These are all the ideas that you can use to help your kid in familiarizing with the rainbow coloring ideas. This is a great way of adding some creativity both in the teaching and in the learning. Now that you have collected a lot of ideas for teaching your kid, you are all set to explore the creativity side of your kid.

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