Reflections Over a Line Math Worksheets

In geometry, reflection refers to reproducing the given object by imagining the image that would be produced if there was a mirror in front of the object.  When reflecting a figure in a line or in a point, the end image is identical to the preimage as it maps every point of a figure to the image across a fixed-line. The fixed line is called the line of reflection. In simpler terms, reflecting a shape in geometry means to flip the given shape over a mirror line. It is mirroring the shape to the other side. Since the shape is mirrored, it faces the opposite direction.

Reflections Over a Line Math Worksheets

Our printable reflection worksheets provide exercises to understand the concepts of reflection. In the first worksheet, there are four shapes to reflect over the line. The first one is a rectangle, the second is a pentagon. Then we have a triangle and a square. This gives you enough practise to master the basics of reflecting shapes over a line.

Reflecting a shape is easy. To reflect a shape, we move the corners and then join them together. Hence the reflected shape is the same size and shape as the original object but mirrored i.e., the corners of the reflected shape are the same distance from the mirror line but are now facing the opposite direction to the original shape. This is the second worksheet where you can apply your knowledge.

The third worksheet gives you more exercises to work with. This one includes a hexagon to test your understanding. You need to reflect each of the given figures over the line. You can use a ruler, straightedge or protractor for your help.

Practice using our worksheets to master the fundamentals of reflections of figures over the line. Download the printable worksheets and start now!

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