Subtraction With Fingers Worksheets for Kindergarten

These worksheets depict how to carry out subtraction in arithmetic by counting and calculating on your hands. The hands represent the number that must be used to solve the subtraction sum. Hands are designed to make the worksheet appear appealing because youngsters are drawn to fun activities where they can actively participate. Using creative ways piques children’s curiosity and pushes them to know more about it and in the process, learn new things.

Subtraction With Fingers Worksheets

This is the first worksheet to help your youngster develop their subtraction abilities.

The second worksheet, which is more like a revision worksheet, will allow your child to brush up on their knowledge. More worksheets will aid in the development of their abilities and knowledge. Anything that went wrong in the first practice worksheet may be corrected in the second. Practising and obtaining the right answers will boost their confidence, and they may consider math to be one of their favourite subjects as they grow older.

You would be leading your kid through the first several worksheets, and they would have done every sum with your help, but now that they are comfortable with the pattern, you can let them do the next worksheet on their own. They will be able to master the ability of subtraction by practising on the worksheet. These worksheets can be printed and then done by the children to give them a better view of the sums.

Solving problems through interactive activities is sure to motivate your child to focus on their work and learn more. Worksheets are a great alternative to hefty books filled with only text and problems which not only bores young learners but also intimidates them. Learning step by step through worksheets will help children progress at their own pace and learn the topics without feeling pressured.

So, what are you waiting for?

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