3D Shapes Worksheets for Grade 1

Here’s an edition where we are providing various kinds of worksheets to enrich your kid’s brain, by boosting their learning and understanding skills. Nowadays, in the modern world, it is very important to help children while introducing the basic concepts of different shapes and sizes so that they can develop their intellectual abilities.


What are 3D Shapes?

3D shapes are nothing but solids that consist of 3 dimensions, namely – length, breadth, and height. The “D” in “3D shapes” stands for “Dimensional.”

A kid needs to learn some more stuff which is important as well. In this worksheet, we have brought some 3D shapes which have to be matched with their respective correct names.

3D Shapes Worksheets for Grade 1


In this first worksheet, the kid has to match the 3D figure with its respective correct name. This worksheet can help children learn about different shapes, sizes, and the names of various geometrical shapes.


Just like the first worksheet, the kid will now have to match some more shapes with their names. Here some new shapes are introduced like Cone, Cube, Sphere, etc. These types of worksheets help kids identify and remember the names of different shapes. It is perfect for kids of such age.


The third worksheet leads us to a new level and series of questions. This certainly becomes interesting for the kid as they will learn new patterns and learn the ‘Edges’, ‘Vertices’ of the shape. This is where the kid might face some difficulties while solving and the child’s queries need to be answered.


The level of the shapes just keeps getting bigger and more interesting. Once the child has understood the concept of 3D shapes and how they are made, they need to figure out what are the shapes made of. Are they made up of a Flat surface or they have a Curved surface? To make things interesting, the 3D shapes have been traced in such a manner that the child will be able to understand the theory or the concept quickly without any additional trouble.


Worksheet 6, introduces children to new shapes like ‘Rectangular Prism’ and ‘Cube’ where they need to label the sides of the given shape. In this worksheet, the child will learn new names which is very beneficial to them. Along with understanding the names of shapes, the attention of the child is very necessary.


The seventh worksheet tests how much children have learned so far. The previous worksheets have helped the kid to understand what are different types of shapes and their various aspects. Here the kid will have to circle all the Cones and Cubes given in the worksheet.


This worksheet will ask children to identify whether the given shape has a flat or a curved surface. . The good thing about these worksheets is the kid will not get bored at any stage. The child must know the importance of these worksheets and how this is going to help them develop their mental abilities. That is very essential.


The final worksheet is the most important one because it’ll test the child’s learning and understanding skills. Here, the kid needs to tell the name of the shape and then draw it by reading the description. It has the same concept but like every worksheet, the shapes are not presented here which introduces another level of difficulty in the exercise.

After handing in the worksheet the parents have to be responsible as well for being competent and supervising them if they make errors. This is all children need in their early days before going to school – regular practice. Worksheets are a fun and interesting way to approach topics that are not always fun.

So, what are you waiting for? Download your worksheets, print them out and get started today!

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