Rounding 2-digit numbers worksheets for Grade 1

It is important for the child to learn everything about numbers and progressively move on to words and constantly work on improving their counting skills. Children at a growing age are like trees – you give them correct and helpful information and they’ll grow with it, just like trees need water. Though, it is necessary to follow a particular system in order to obtain the best results.


Place Value: Rounding 2-digit numbers worksheets


This edition will help the child to round the numbers to the nearest ten. As shown in worksheet one, 24 has its nearest ten in the name of 20, and 4 remains 4. Similarly, 78 will become 80, and 62 will become 60. Now, while studying calculation it is essential for children to know how these numbers are going to their tens spot, else they’ll be confused.


The second worksheet is without any sample questions. But the child will face no problem in solving them if the concept of rounding the numbers to the nearest tens is absolutely clear to them. This will help children remember what they’ve discovered in the previous worksheet and then move on with ease.


The third worksheet will also work on the same and the number of questions is also the same. This will enable children to work on distinguishing the different numbers they’ve already learned and concentrate on studying the new ones for the larger numbers. So, stay positive your kid is concentrated while performing their assignment otherwise they might let themselves into trouble.


The fourth worksheet is just like the other three. . The good thing about these worksheets is the kid will not get bored at any stage. With these easy two-digit number worksheets, the child will be able to understand the theory or the concept quickly without getting into any additional trouble.

After handing in the worksheet the parents have to be responsible as well for being competent and supervising them if they make errors. If the child is all ready to go to school he should be well prepared, these worksheets are helping him to be so. These are very helpful as they don’t let the child get dull.

This is all a kid needs in his early days before going to school. It will also encourage them in completing the course of simple calculations in a very simple way. So, give your best to make your kid smart by not letting him get dull or bored.

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