Best Preschool and Childcare in Worcester (West Midlands, England, UK)

Worried which preschool to join your loved one into? Here we are bringing a few best preschool around worcester.

Preschool is a stepping stone to school and many more endeavours. It not only teaches academically but it also helps the kids get comfortable in a school structured environment, and also help the child a get a better knowledge about the world around them. It provides them a head start for school and let them have some confidence in their own skills.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Worcester (West Midlands, England, UK)

1. King’s Hawford Nursery

King’s Hawford Nursery provides an excellent childcare for children from 2 years to 4 years.The nursery provides a warm and nurturing environment where kids can gain some stability and confidence. The nursery strives to create a environment where all the kids can learn and explore new ideas and develop their  creativity. The nursery not only helps in building one’s knowledge but it also helps in developing a child socially, emotionally and intellectually.

They conduct a lot of outdoor activities and also take them out to forest school, they let the kids learn in and around nature, where they can respect and preserve it. In addition they teach different languages and makes sure the kids love it. The staff are always supportive of the kids and attentive to their problems, they make sure the kids as well as the parents are happy about the nursery.

  • Location- King’s, Hawford Lock Ln, Hawford, Worcester WR3 7SD, United Kingdom.
  • Contact- +44 1905 451292
  • Website-

2. King’s St Alban’s Nursery

The nursery provides high quality education to children of age group between 2years to 5 years. The preschool offers a very warm environment. They conduct a lot of indoor and outdoor activities in the nursery to help the kids grow and explore new things. The nursery provides a variety of activites like like cooking, art, and also takes the kids to forest school as well, so that they could learn about the nature and the importance of it.\

The nursery provides lunches and snacks which high in nutrition and are well cooked. They make sure the child is always happy and healthy. All the staff are well qualified and trained and attentive to each and every child. They also provide flexible hours to accomodate the children as per parents need whenever it’s necessary.

  • Location- Mill St, Worcester WR1 2NJ, United Kingdom.
  • Contact- +44 1905 354906
  • Website-

3. Shooting Stars Nursery Worcester

The nursery is for children of 3months to 5 years. The nursery primarily focuses on providing a homely environment for the kids to feel comfortable around the staff and the other kids.  The activities in the nursery are designed accordingly to their age and very knowledgeable and helps them learn through a joyous environment. The nursery believes in teaching the kids through a happy journey where they can enjoy the process of learning.

The activites vary from mudding to planting, they have a variety of activities to offer. They nursery also makes sure the parents are aware of the child’s development by an app which has photos of the children’s day-to-day activities.

  • Location-15 Barbourne Terrace, Worcester WR1 3JR, United Kingdom.
  • Contact- +44 1905 23973
  • Website-

4. Little Lodge Nursery

The nursery provides education the children from 3months to 5years. They try and create a warm and a environment to make the transition to easier. The nursey provides a lot of fun activities where kids can both learn as well as enjoy. The nursery aims to development a child’s confidence and be independent in their life, they also teach the child to o be responsible and tidy up after playing.

The staff are closely involved with each of the kids development and work with parents as a team for the child to reach its full potential. The nursey is also flexible in time and are always happy to help the parents whenever needed.

  • Location- Country Lodge, Swinesherd Way, Spetchley, Worcester WR5 1RU, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1905 345400
  • Website-

5.  Busy Bees In Worcester

The nursery is for children from 3 months to 5 years old. The staf members of the nursery are well trained and experienced, they know how to behave around kids and are well aware about the ways to help a child in a sufficient way. The nursey also teaches the kids to have some firm values which helps them be a better person in the future. They also help the kids learn new things on their own, enabling the boost in their confidence.

They conduct a lot of outdoor activities which helps them learn in nature and the environment. The nursery also makes sure to update the their parents about their child’s development on a regular basis.

  • Location- Brindley Rd, Worcester WR4 9FB, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1905 759001
  • Website-

6. Poppins Day Nursery

The nursery is for kids from 3months to 4 years. The nursery help the kids grow socially, emotionally and intellectually. They staff make sure the kids are well and are comfortable around the nursery as they attend. The nursery mainly aims to make the nursery friendly and comfortable where all the kids are happy and thriving.

The kids in the kids are made sure to be learn in the outdoor environment where they can learn abou tthe nature as well. They let the kids know about the nature and its importance. The saff in the nursery pays special attention to each and every kid in there and helps them to their full potential.

  • Location- 2 Alexander Rd, Worcester WR2 4AJ, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1905 748478
  • Website-

7. RGS The Grange Nursery

It is a private nursery where the staff stives to make the kids happy and secure in their environment. The nursery provides education to children 2 years to 11 years. The nursery creates an environment which is safe and secure where the child can grow the best to their full potential. The nursery fills the kids with confidence and positivity, the main two things they focus on. The staff in the nursery are also very friendly and helpful, they always ready to help whenever needed.

The facilities in the nursery ae excellent are the one the best, they stay updated to the ways in which the kids can learn the best in.

  • Location- Grange Ln, Claines, Worcester WR3 7RR, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1905 451205
  • Website-

8. Magic Moments Childcare

The nursery provides high education to children from 3months to 5 years. The nursery aim to make the environment around them a positive learning one. The nursery also help the child individually to grow and build confidence on their own by understanding new concepts and information. They teach the kids to be independent and do all their things on their own. The nursery mainly focuses on developing their communication skills and also to express themselves.

  • Location- Tudor Way, Worcester WR2 5QH, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1905 748204
  • Website-

Here are some preschool which might help you choose the best one for your child. Choose carefully from the above given list which one suits them the best and call the nursery for further information.

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