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Riddles are phrases that are given in jumbled and quiz forms, which have some common answers. It’s generally a fun task famous amongst all ages. It helps to boost the brain workout. As the question is complicated, people give a different view to get the correct answer, which will be a workout for the brain.

We see in newspapers, a particular section is allotted for solving riddles, drawing, puzzles, and so on. These activity boosts memory and increases general knowledge. Since riddles in newspapers are solved by all age groups but not majorly by kids being complicated for them.

We have this booklet Kidpid which has some exciting riddles for kids, which are not too difficult for them to get the answers to. They will love to solve and play with these riddles from their teachers and friends. These riddles are so fun and exciting. It’s a treat to solve those puzzles and get the right answer, with a smile of victory. It’s one of the healthy exercises for kids that parents and school teachers can perform with them.  As they will learn and play together.

The riddles in this booklet are related to fruits which will be an easy task for them. For example,

  • It’s round in shape, and the color is like the sun, it’s one of the fruits which grows on trees and can be peeled off.
  • Can you tell me the answer?
  • It’s too easy, give it a try,

The answer is Orange.

This kind of riddle with some abstract hints is just amazing. Teachers can conduct contests on these riddles with the help of references from this booklet and can make the class entertaining.

It can be a small regular exercise for kids as a brain workout and can make them get used too with these daily words, phrases, and sentences.

The riddle for kids book is generally for kids of age 5 years- 8 years or more, who go to school and is known with the basics such as alphabet, can recognize the names of fruits, vegetables, etc.

Thus this booklet by Kidpid of riddles for a kid can be the best suited to you if you want some exciting and new activity for your kids.


Riddles For Kids What is it?

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